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Sagittarius Sign Gemstones


Agate is a very diverse variety of stones in nature. Agat, also known as agate stones, red, gray, white, blue, brown and green colors are in the mixture. Agate stone, since the first ages, ornaments, jewelry and decorative as a protective agent against negative energies. The agate is hard and the colored parts have a transparent or translucent structure. It was named after the Achates River in Sicily.

Agate is generally a powerful healer. It can be used as a kind of therapy. Various minerals within the structure of the stone can be a source of healing on different points. However, contact with the body and the energy in nature, especially the solar energy, must be able to reach the body by passing through the stone. Agate symbolizes the Taurus sign.

Benefits of Agate Stone

• It is believed that it protects the carrier from danger and terminates the mismatches.

• It helps the metabolism to work properly as it is good for insomnia, cowardice, karabasana, or badly.

• It helps in realizing the facts.

• Agate with a strong and masculine energy is beneficial for sexual organs and sexual power.

• It gives a feeling of warmth to the tensioned parts of the body and reduces tension.

• Removes excess or negative energy in the body and thus eliminates stress.

• Socializing the person, helping to adapt to the environment and people.

• Helps to increase courage in defeating fears.

• Improves the power of reason and logic.

• Strengthens the body, relieves circulation of lymph.

• Balances blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure to a normal level.

• Provides protection against damage. Because it is remarkable for the first look.

• With its energizing energy, it allows you to see the good side of events when you feel uncomfortable and bad. If you're easily effected by the negativity of people, carnelian will be very good for you.

• After canceling the tender and they will not offer users to see dr. It keeps children carrying this stone away from negative feelings and arguments.

• The agate symbolizing worldly success provides protection against negative energy and stimulates the depleted courage. Business people, this stone, especially under the waist (pocket, ring etc.) will be useful to carry. Especially when used as a ring, it increases the confidence of the person.

• Represents joy and peace.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2,57 - 2,64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Running water, Sun (1 Hour)


Amethyst, which means that it doesn't get drunk in mythology, gives energy, happiness, peace and vitality. Because it is an energetic stone, it has a refreshing effect on most people. It is a crystal that you can carry all the time. The energy it emits always benefits you and protects you from negativity. Especially when you are in a negatively charged environment, try to keep this stone on you. So you can be sure you will receive only positive energy.

Amethyst, one of the most powerful stones in effect, is a purple colored quartz stone. There are different colors from Liladan to dark purple. It takes the purple color from the iron mine and is a combination of silicon dioxide. It is recommended to use with pink quartz.

Benefits of Amethyst Stone

• Protects from radiation and negative energy

• Good for eyes

• Because of the negative electric charge; It increases the brain power by collecting the excess electric charge in the body.

• Good heart disease

• Cleans blood

• Good Allergy

• Soothe anger, relieve stress and give positive energy

How to Clean the Amethyst?

The most convenient way to clean precious stones is to bury them in dry soil at regular intervals and wait for a day. If the porous structure of the stone in the clean water can be cleaned by waiting. Because soil and water cleaners. Because too many people contact the stones will cause negative energy accumulation, you must clean the new stones before the first use. You can also clean your amethyst with sun rays. Keeping it in sunlight or in fresh water for 30 minutes will clear your crystal.

Where Can the Amethyst Stone Be Removed?

The amethyst extracted from a wide area on the Earth takes different names depending on the type of color. main countries issued; Siberia, Uruguay, Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia, Africa.

Amethyst stone with a hardness rating of 7 is mostly used as jewelry and ornaments. When used as jewelry, it must be in contact with the skin. If used as ornaments in household and workplace environments, it is more suitable to use untreated pieces in crystalline form. In this way, it collects negative energy in the environment and emits positive energy.

Tigers Eye Stone

Tiger's eye stone, which is a quartz group stone, is one of the most precious healing stones. The tiger-eye stone is a stone-turned stone. Usually used as jewelry. The tiger eye stone is known to be good for asthma. At the same time in case of disturbance of the nervous system by entering the relaxing effect shows. Emotionally great balancing.

Tiger-eye stone is the stone of independence. The color is yellow and brown. It has a glassy, ​​iridescent and rugged appearance. Improves the feeling of embracing the tiger eye stone. In addition, it provides good insomnia and mental calmness. The focus is on the ease and courage of the people carrying them. The tiger-eye stone is usually extracted in Australia, South Africa and Burma. The price of the tiger eye stone varies according to the quality. Therefore, although the two products look exactly the same, their prices may be different.

Benefits of Tiger Eye Stone

• It has benefits for asthma patients.

• Has beneficial effects on digestive system disorders, spleen and pancreas.

• It increases courage and reminds you of your purpose when you think that your life is devoid of purpose.

• It is a gift among lovers because it is a sensitive stone. You can use it as a ring or necklace, or you can carry it in your pocket.

• Emotionally balanced and reduces stubbornness. It allows the person to perceive events more clearly.

• Tiger's eye, which is a stone of courage and courage; improves your endurance and gives you progress despite obstacles.

• If you are thinking about making changes in your life, the stone tiger eye stone you need.

• Useful for children who have nightmares.

• The tiger's eye is believed to protect the eye from the evil eye and was used for this purpose.

• Ensures that people who carry it are less dependent on others.

Hardness: The hardness degree of the tiger eye 7 can be easily used in making jewelry and ornaments.

Countries of origin: Australia, South Africa and Burma

Chakras: Flowing water

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has been used as jewelry and ornament since the earliest times. Lapis Lazuli, which was mostly used during Ancient Egypt and Pharaohs, is usually dark blue - dark blue. It takes light blue shades of light, but only in blue. There are yellow metallic pyrites. These pyrites are just another stone. It's not a piece of gold. Lapis Lazuli is very valuable although it is a stone that is not pure in nature. It is formed by the merging of several minerals and takes the blue color from these minerals. But it is not a mineral, but a rock.

Lapis lazuli stones with yellow pyrite are more valuable than others. In some lapis, white calcite veins are present and this decreases the lapis value. Generally known as dark blue - dark blue, lapis gives H2S gas when faced with hydrochloric acid. The smell of this gas is similar to the rotten egg. The presence of pyrite in the stone is often important to differentiate natural lapis laser from many lapis imitations.

Do not carry your stone on you constantly for whatever purpose you use. When you carry it all the time, your body gets used to the effect of the stone and its effect is reduced. Avoid water and soap to clean your stone. Because the water will cause the maturation of your lapis stone. To clean your stone, just leave it to the sunlight.

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli Stone

• Strengthens physical abilities and communication skills.

• Strengthens the bones.

• It provides protection for young children from respiratory diseases.

• Regulates blood pressure.

• Activates the thyroid glands.

• Clarifies non-rational ideas and intensifies your thoughts.

• It is a stone that should be used with caution. The energy it emits can cause dizziness in sensitive individuals.

• Stable and effective energy allows you to look at events you ignore. It strengthens the desire of your soul to reach the truth.

• Reduces anxiety and revitalizes the person.

• Removes young children from their fear.

• Used for the clarity and enlightenment purposes. It helps deep thought.

Hardness: 5-6

Chakras: Get

Cleaning: Sun (30 minutes)


Sodalite, the symbol of Sagittarius, is a natural gemstone in indigo blue color. Sodalite is an aluminum silicate mineral and occurs in igneous rocks. Not to be confused with Lapis Lazuli because it is a stone that looks like lapis in appearance and color. Sodalite extracted in Brazil and Canada is rare in our country.

Sodalite, throat disorders as well as people who suffer from nausea during travel can also benefit. Decreases shyness and encourages people who cannot express their feelings and thoughts clearly. If you are a shy person, move this stone close to your heart.If you clean your face for 5 minutes in the sunlight and just wipe it with a damp cloth. Sodalite stone is considered to be a lucky stone of the Sagittarius.

Benefits of Sodalite Stone

• Sodalite is good for all throat disorders. Reduces swelling and inflammation in the throat. For this purpose, the stone used should be at least as large as the swollen or inflamed area.

• Helps people who are depressed to return to their normal state.

• Keeps the person in the realities of this world and makes a strong connection with his soul.

• Helps you concentrate on the subject you need by silencing unnecessary sounds in your mind. Thus, you can identify your goals and realize your goals. It can be used to increase concentration.

• People who cannot express their feelings and thoughts easily use this stone in the neck areas to relax them. So the tension disappears and the words are poured from their mouths comfortably. Successful results are obtained when used regularly. If you are a shy person, carry this stone near your heart.

• Good for those who have nausea during the journey.

Hardness: 6

Chakras: Throat, Forehead, Cleaning: Sun (5 minutes)


Topaz, believed to be one of the most powerful stones used since ancient times, is said to be good for eye diseases and plague diseases like the plague. Topaz has many colors.

It can be white, gray, blue, yellow, orange, brown, red or colorless. The colorless topaz can be mixed in weight with the same weight as the diamond. This similarity can be distinguished by the Mohs scale. The color of the stone is mostly variable and may lose its color in sunlight. For example, Siberian's brown top is white in sunlight. For the first time in the 18th century, a jeweler found the Brazilian topaz to be blown up when heated slightly, and this method became widespread. This type of burnt topaz is usually called the Brazilian ruby ​​and the rare red topaz is called the same name.

It is known that this stone brings unhealthy people to their health and encourages them. Topaz, which is one of the most beautiful and rare stones, is especially used in jewelery making. It is a dazzling stone with natural and magnificent light. Especially yellow topaz and orange topaz are the most valuable varieties. Blue topaz is the most widely used topaz variety. It is believed that it brings the best and the most fertile. Topaz crystals are generally quadrangular in shape and have the same weight as diamond. Transparent Topaz is sometimes indistinguishable from diamonds.

Benefits of Topaz Stone

• It is generally an important physical and spiritual healer.

• Transparent Topaz especially provides spiritual development.

• It is protective and healing against eye diseases.

• It gives mind clarity, increases the power of reasoning, gives the mind, intuition and courage to deal with this situation in sudden or dangerous situations.

• It is believed that it protects the oppressors of the oppressors from the cruelty of the villains.

• Improves intelligence and abilities.

• Strengthens the immune system.

• Good for eye diseases and epidemics.

Hardness: 8

Chakras: Stem, Sun Nerves, Throat, Crown


Turquoise, also known as Firuze, is a non-transparent (opaque) blue-green stone. It is used in jewelery making since the ancient Egyptian age. It is very valuable for its effect, but nowadays synthetic turquoise has started to lose its importance. Even the experts find it difficult to distinguish real turquoise from their offerings. Turquoise stone is a very precious and expensive stone, so there is a lot of fancy in the market.

It is believed that the turquoise protects against the evil. Jewelry is among the stones most used by women. It is especially useful for the digestive system when used as a belt buckle.

Turquoise increases the balance when used with silver. Turquoise stone also symbolizes peace.

Firuze can be in all shades between sky blue and green. Some are found in the gold vein. It gives peace and tranquility to the wearer and destroys concerns. Turquoise also strengthens the body. It gives people happiness.

Benefits of Turquoise Stone

• Restores anxiety.

• It is useful in removing the grieving of grieving people, or rescuing the people who are experiencing the shock of an event. It gives them the sense of peace they need.

• It increases the healing power of people who carry it and helps them increase their wisdom.

• Effective against damage.

• As a jewel, it is a stone that can be used every day. Especially when buried in silver, the effect increases and stabilizes.

• For digestive problems; It can be used as belt buckle, wristband or ring.

• Regulates blood pressure and good heart disease.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2,57 - 2,64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Running water, Sun (1 Hour)