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Aquarius Sign Gemstones


Agate is a very diverse variety of stones in nature. Agat, also known as agate stones, red, gray, white, blue, brown and green colors are in the mixture. Agate stone, since the first ages, ornaments, jewelry and decorative as a protective agent against negative energies. The agate is hard and the colored parts have a transparent or translucent structure. It was named after the Achates River in Sicily.

Agate is generally a powerful healer. It can be used as a kind of therapy. Various minerals within the structure of the stone can be a source of healing on different points. However, contact with the body and the energy in nature, especially the solar energy, must be able to reach the body by passing through the stone. Agate symbolizes the Taurus sign.

Benefits of Agate Stone

• It is believed that it protects the carrier from danger and terminates the mismatches.

• It helps the metabolism to work properly as it is good for insomnia, cowardice, karabasana, or badly.

• It helps in realizing the facts.

• Agate with a strong and masculine energy is beneficial for sexual organs and sexual power.

• It gives a feeling of warmth to the tensioned parts of the body and reduces tension.

• Removes excess or negative energy in the body and thus eliminates stress.

• Socializing the person, helping to adapt to the environment and people.

• Helps to increase courage in defeating fears.

• Improves the power of reason and logic.

• Strengthens the body, relieves circulation of lymph.

• Balances blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure to a normal level.

• Provides protection against damage. Because it is remarkable for the first look.

• With its energizing energy, it allows you to see the good side of events when you feel uncomfortable and bad. If you're easily effected by the negativity of people, carnelian will be very good for you.

• After canceling the tender and they will not offer users to see dr. It keeps children carrying this stone away from negative feelings and arguments.

• The agate symbolizing worldly success provides protection against negative energy and stimulates the depleted courage. Business people, this stone, especially under the waist (pocket, ring etc.) will be useful to carry. Especially when used as a ring, it increases the confidence of the person.

• Represents joy and peace.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2,57 - 2,64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Running water, Sun (1 Hour)


Amethyst, which means that it doesn't get drunk in mythology, gives energy, happiness, peace and vitality. Because it is an energetic stone, it has a refreshing effect on most people. It is a crystal that you can carry all the time. The energy it emits always benefits you and protects you from negativity. Especially when you are in a negatively charged environment, try to keep this stone on you. So you can be sure you will receive only positive energy.

Amethyst, one of the most powerful stones in effect, is a purple colored quartz stone. There are different colors from Liladan to dark purple. It takes the purple color from the iron mine and is a combination of silicon dioxide. It is recommended to use with pink quartz.

Benefits of Amethyst Stone

• Protects from radiation and negative energy

• Good for eyes

• Because of the negative electric charge; It increases the brain power by collecting the excess electric charge in the body.

• Good heart disease

• Cleans blood

• Good Allergy

• Soothe anger, relieve stress and give positive energy

How to Clean the Amethyst?

The most convenient way to clean precious stones is to bury them in dry soil at regular intervals and wait for a day. If the porous structure of the stone in the clean water can be cleaned by waiting. Because soil and water cleaners. Because too many people contact the stones will cause negative energy accumulation, you must clean the new stones before the first use. You can also clean your amethyst with sun rays. Keeping it in sunlight or in fresh water for 30 minutes will clear your crystal.

Where Can the Amethyst Stone Be Removed?

The amethyst extracted from a wide area on the Earth takes different names depending on the type of color. main countries issued; Siberia, Uruguay, Zambia, Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia, Africa.

Amethyst stone with a hardness rating of 7 is mostly used as jewelry and ornaments. When used as jewelry, it must be in contact with the skin. If used as ornaments in household and workplace environments, it is more suitable to use untreated pieces in crystalline form. In this way, it collects negative energy in the environment and emits positive energy.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a kind of silicon dioxide minerals that are found in the earth. It is usually found in a three-axis crystal structure that is perpendicular to each other. Crystal quartz is brown, gray and black color.

Smoky quartz has been named because of the appearance of some smoke trapped inside. When used in combination with crystal quartz, it provides the necessary positive energy to enable the person to realize their goals and dreams.

Smoky quartz for thousands of years ornamental, decorative and di

used as precious stones in the objects. It has been believed that since ancient times, smoky quartz has relieved tension and changed fear, panic and anger to positive feelings, peace and joy. The hardness of this mineral belongs to the quartz group is 7. During its formation, it is exposed to natural radiation and the balance of ions in its composition is deteriorated, causing its color to darken. The smoky quartz is transparent, translucent or opaque according to the radiation value it has been subjected to. Turkey, USA, Australia, Madagascar and is removed in the entire world, especially Brazil.

Smoky Quartz crystal can strengthen your energy body. Smoky Quartz crystal can make your feet firmly on the ground.

Instead of carrying over you can keep for a certain period of time around you. Due to the fact that it is a very strong crystal and exposed to radiation, it can create pressure on your energy fields with excessive skin contact. In order not to be exposed to negative effects such as dizziness or nausea, it will be beneficial not to place them in your sleeping room.

Keeping you in the palm for 5-10 minutes from time to time makes you feel good. Negative emotions, anger, jealousy, such as the agressive mood can change positively. Then you may feel calm and balanced. Allows the person to relax by draining the negative energy into the ground.

The rapid improvement in the energy body is always reflected in the physical body. In all kinds of pain, you can place smoky quartz crystal on the painful area and wait 5-10 minutes. Both your mind gradually calm down and your pain may pass.

Benefits of Smoky Quartz Stone

• It is especially effective in hand and foot disorders.

• It is effective against cramps.

• Good for nervous system, strengthens nerves.

• Provides a sense of trust and openness to new experiences.

• Effective against communication disorders.

• Provides the person's main focus.

• Effective in converting negative energy.

• Good for nervous tension and panic attack. Gives calm to the person.

• Prevents nightmares.


The garnet stone can be found in a wide variety of colors, transparent or opaque. Generally known as red colored, it is also called as Dair garnet. Taşı garnet, also known as “imagination Genellikle or” mercy stone ta, is a circular or oval shaped stone.

The male type of Lal is dark red and the female type is light red. Garnet is not included in any mineral group. The chemical composition and colors of the stones in the garnet group are different. For this reason, it is classified as an independent stone. Colors may vary from red to orange and sometimes from mordan to lilac.

It is one of the natural stones which helps the people to take all the negative energies of the stones and turn them into positives. Heart-shaped lal stones represent dear and wives. The tulip is actually referred to as 3 names. It is known as garnet stone, garnet and garnet.

It is recommended especially for people in the Scorpio and Aquarius signs. Major countries are Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Australia, India, America, Africa, Czechoslovakia and Zairedir.

Precious stones, stones, pendants, earrings, bracelets, such as can be used in cases. Tulle stone helps to relieve stress and fatigue in our daily life.

Benefits of Garnet Stone

• Gives understanding and cunning.

• It is known that it protects against physical weaknesses and cruelty.

• Increases sexual energy and sensitivity. It is known to provide protection against sexual imbalance.

• Strengthens, cleans and revitalizes the body. Lal, a very useful stone especially for blood vessels, stimulates the imagination and symbolizes love and compassion.

• It is protective and healing against lung and heart diseases.

• Helps treat infectious diseases.

• Provides balanced balance.

• Effective in relieving low back pain. It is more accurate for sensitive people to use lalic stone under the waist. Because it can cause nervousness, headaches or dizziness in such people.

• Helps keep your balance when you feel excitement and space. Gives a feeling of tranquility. This allows you to move slowly and slowly over the tasks you need to do and feel that your capacity increases.

• Provides protection from the nightmare when placed under the bed or pillow.


Jasper stone, also known as Japsis, is available in yellow, red, green, whitish, gray and brown colors. Jasper (jaspis) is an opaque type of chalcedony stone. In itself, there are many sub-types known as jasper. Those who do not have very special textures and patterns are sold at more affordable prices.

Jasper, also known as the lighter stone among the public; quartz, chalcedony and agate (agate). It is generally found in the appearance that the different colors are helical. Basic color can be found on yellow, red, green, blue, orange, brown spots. It is a decorative stone. It is one of the most favorite gemstones in the ancient world.

It was believed to be the stone that brought rain in ancient times. Symbol of virtue. However, it symbolizes Capricorn.

Jasper Stone has strong and therapeutic properties. It makes the person feel strong and healthy, increases physical resistance.

Benefits of Jasper Stone

• Stimulates liver, spleen and bladder.

• It is a symbol of love, faith and determination.

• Strengthens the digestive system and gall bladder.

• Stone of power and courage. Provides the courage and courage necessary for personal independence.

• Cleanses the body from toxins. Useful for snake and spider poisoning.

• It helps the body to make blood.

• Increases masculine properties in men. It provides hormonal balance.

• It brings abundance to the bearer.

• Gives the intellectual attitude and speech ability.

• Helps stabilize all chakras.

Hardness: 6,5 - 7,0

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Solar nerves, Heart

Cleaning: Running water / Sun (30 minutes)


The jade stone, named for its green color, can also be found in yellow, white, brown, black, and red speckled colors.

Jade stone is also known to balance and overwhelm emotions. The jade stone also gives a sense of relaxation when the jade is held in hand, and at the same time strengthens the person's sense of courage and justice. The effect you can use on a daily basis is a balancing and healing stone.

Benefits of Jade Stone

• Balances excessively over-sensualities.

• It gives a relaxing feeling when warmed up.

• Very suitable for daily use. It has the effect of green color which is balanced and healing. It can be used as jewelery, especially by speakers and teachers.

• It gives peace and confidence when you are filled with fear and anxiety. The moment when the person feels weak and weak, the jasmine rests on the heart.

• Gives people with their feelings of reason, courage and justice. It prevents the feeling of arrogance that may arise in human as a result of the success achieved.

• Clarifies the person's vision by freeing the person from the imprisonment.

• Helps in studies that require mental focus.

Hardness: 7

Chakras: Heart, Solar Neural Network