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Gemini Sign Gemstones


Agate is a very diverse variety of stones in nature. Agat, also known as agate stones, red, gray, white, blue, brown and green colors are in the mixture. Agate stone, since the first ages, ornaments, jewelry and decorative as a protective agent against negative energies. The agate is hard and the colored parts have a transparent or translucent structure. It was named after the Achates River in Sicily.

Agate is generally a powerful healer. It can be used as a kind of therapy. Various minerals within the structure of the stone can be a source of healing on different points. However, contact with the body and the energy in nature, especially the solar energy, must be able to reach the body by passing through the stone. Agate symbolizes the Taurus sign.

Benefits of Agate Stone

• It is believed that it protects the carrier from danger and terminates the mismatches.

• It helps the metabolism to work properly as it is good for insomnia, cowardice, karabasana, or badly.

• It helps in realizing the facts.

• Agate with a strong and masculine energy is beneficial for sexual organs and sexual power.

• It gives a feeling of warmth to the tensioned parts of the body and reduces tension.

• Removes excess or negative energy in the body and thus eliminates stress.

• Socializing the person, helping to adapt to the environment and people.

• Helps to increase courage in defeating fears.

• Improves the power of reason and logic.

• Strengthens the body, relieves circulation of lymph.

• Balances blood pressure. It lowers the blood pressure to a normal level.

• Provides protection against damage. Because it is remarkable for the first look.

• With its energizing energy, it allows you to see the good side of events when you feel uncomfortable and bad. If you're easily effected by the negativity of people, carnelian will be very good for you.

• After canceling the tender and they will not offer users to see dr. It keeps children carrying this stone away from negative feelings and arguments.

• The agate symbolizing worldly success provides protection against negative energy and stimulates the depleted courage. Business people, this stone, especially under the waist (pocket, ring etc.) will be useful to carry. Especially when used as a ring, it increases the confidence of the person.

• Represents joy and peace.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2,57 - 2,64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Running water, Sun (1 Hour)


The stone that was seen as a precious stone since the first civilizations and was made of jewelery was used effectively by the Romans. The moonstone usually contains white, orange, blue colors in a translucent state. The so-called rainbow (rainbow) sparks blue sparkles when it is light.

The Moonstone with 6 - 6,5 hardness is medium hard and should be treated delicately. Otherwise, it is a stone that can be easily damaged. It is used for lower abdomen, solar nerves, heart chakras. Because of the rumors that the moon reflects its glow, the Moonstone has emotional balancing characteristics. The main destinations were Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Burma, Tanzania and Mexico.

Benefits of Moonstone

• Moonstone helps the person to get rid of emotional stress and to accept their feelings.

• When you are overreacting and worried, moonstone balances you and makes you feel sensitive to other people's feelings.

• Provides emotional balance and good against ego.

• Increases the feelings of compassion and sympathy between you and the people and brings sympathy to the person who carries it.

• It makes lovers more ambitious.

• Strengthens intuition and communication.

• It is the stone of the low star. It is effective against evil.

• Ensures that women have regular monthly periods.

• Good for cramps, leg and back pains. Relieves labor.

• Effective against obesity.


Obsidian, also known as obsidian or volcanic glass, is a stone formed in places of volcanic origin by natural means. Yanar is removed from mountain and similar volcanic areas. In our country, most of the area is located in Hasan Mountain.

The lava in the mountain is rapidly cooling and freezing without the time to crystallize. Since it is not in crystal structure, the edge areas can be very thin and sharp.

Obsidian is particularly black, but it has different colors such as Green Obsidian (Nemrut Mountain-Tatvan), Red Obsidian (İkizdere-Rize).

Obsidian stone provides relief by taking electricity in the body. It is a very healing stone and it is useful in cleaning the liver. Obsidian stone is a stone with black, brown, green and bright external spray. It has a glassy look. It is the symbol stone of Scorpio. The most well-known color of the Obsidian stone is a white-stained snow-covered obsidian. This stone is also known as purity stone.

Benefits of Obsidian Stone

• Eliminates feelings of anger and anger.

• The Obsidian helps you when you feel frustrated. By strengthening negative thoughts and feelings within you, it allows you to notice them.

• Helps you get rid of the memories you don't want to remember. So your positive emotions move.

• Obsidian may make you feel tense because of these features. But it is a stone that everyone needs, as you can step into positive changes when you can look fearlessly.

• Obsidian lets you notice the light inside you.

• It is a suitable stone to discharge the body.

• It is useful for cleaning the liver. For this purpose, a fist-sized obsidian stone is placed on the liver for ten to thirty minutes. However, this period should not be exceeded and in this case should not fall asleep.

Hardness: 5.0 - 5.5

Specific Gravity: 2,6

Chakras: Root, Solar Neural Network, Heart


Turquoise, also known as Firuze, is a non-transparent (opaque) blue-green stone. It is used in jewelery making since the ancient Egyptian age. It is very valuable for its effect, but nowadays synthetic turquoise has started to lose its importance. Even the experts find it difficult to distinguish real turquoise from their offerings. Turquoise stone is a very precious and expensive stone, so there is a lot of fancy in the market.

It is believed that the turquoise protects against the evil. Jewelry is among the stones most used by women. It is especially useful for the digestive system when used as a belt buckle.

Turquoise increases the balance when used with silver. Turquoise stone also symbolizes peace.

Firuze can be in all shades between sky blue and green. Some are found in the gold vein. It gives peace and tranquility to the wearer and destroys concerns. Turquoise also strengthens the body. It gives people happiness.

Benefits of Turquoise Stone

• Restores anxiety.

• It is useful in removing the grieving of grieving people, or rescuing the people who are experiencing the shock of an event. It gives them the sense of peace they need.

• It increases the healing power of people who carry it and helps them increase their wisdom.

• Effective against damage.

• As a jewel, it is a stone that can be used every day. Especially when buried in silver, the effect increases and stabilizes.

• For digestive problems; It can be used as belt buckle, wristband or ring.

• Regulates blood pressure and good heart disease.

Hardness: 7

Chemical Structure: SiO2

Specific Gravity: 2,57 - 2,64

Chakras: Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Cleaning: Running water, Sun (1 Hour)


The jade stone, named for its green color, can also be found in yellow, white, brown, black, and red speckled colors.

Jade stone is also known to balance and overwhelm emotions. The jade stone also gives a sense of relaxation when the jade is held in hand, and at the same time strengthens the person's sense of courage and justice. The effect you can use on a daily basis is a balancing and healing stone.

Benefits of Jade Stone

• Balances excessively over-sensualities.

• It gives a relaxing feeling when warmed up.

• Very suitable for daily use. It has the effect of green color which is balanced and healing. It can be used as jewelery, especially by speakers and teachers.

• It gives peace and confidence when you are filled with fear and anxiety. The moment when the person feels weak and weak, the jasmine rests on the heart.

• Gives people with their feelings of reason, courage and justice. It prevents the feeling of arrogance that may arise in human as a result of the success achieved.

• Clarifies the person's vision by freeing the person from the imprisonment.

• Helps in studies that require mental focus.

Hardness: 7

Chakras: Heart, Solar Neural Network


The stone of mythology and legends is one of the most precious stones in the world. Emerald has been used as jewelery for centuries. To the emerald mines in ancient Egypt. It dates back to 1650. Emerald was traditionally considered to be the birthstone of May. It is also known as a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary of the emerald in some cultures.

A kind of Beril mine, Emerald is a perfect stone. It is softer than other precious stones. It doesn't shine much like other stones. The color is eye-catching and very impressive. This precious stone, which is green and transparent, is a very precious gem.

The emerald does not shine much more than the other precious stones. Top quality emeralds, including British royal jewels, are exported from Colombia.

The emerald were formed in the veins together with calcite and pyrite. Pure emeralds are very rare. Emerald crystals usually contain other minerals and small spots.

Emerald has many types of cuts, the same diamond. The care of the emerald is also important.

Cracks and fractures are very rare because they are rarely encountered. Emerald brings abundance and joy.

Benefits of Emerald Stone

• Strengthens the immune system, nervous system, heart, lungs and kidney.

• Strengthens friendship, marriage and family ties.

• Emphasizes the feelings of success and satisfaction. It rescues the feeling of insufficiency and strengthens the feeling of gratitude towards life.

• Gives people a sense of love. Increases the joy of living.

Hardness: 8

Chakras: Sun, Heart, Get

Cleaning: Running water / Sun (1 hour)