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General Features

Executive Planet: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Quality: Variable

Lucky Numbers: 5, 7

Day: Thursday

Color: Purple

Tarot card: Balance

Animal: Horse

Plant: Narcissus, Dandelion, Mulberry, Oak, Birch

Precious Metals: Tin, Tin, Copper

Positive sides:

Pleasant. Cheerful, he knows it. Open mind. It'il adapt. Good judgment, philosophical. He's fond of his freedom. Extrovert. Religious. Educated. Mature. Bona fide. Sportsman. High imagination. Lucky. Happy.


Extremely optimistic. Noisy. Irresponsible. Whimsical. Sudden interest. Quickly get bored. Impatience

Sagittarius Team Star (Astronomy)

First constellation of the Sagittarius is Kyra-Harp. Lyra symbolizes the cheerful, happy, happy and happy side of Sagittarius. The brightest star in the northern hemisphere is found in Vega da Lyra, which means Victory. Sagittarius is located in the middle decanter of the Arabs called Al Mugamra by Ara. In the last decode, there are Draco, Monster star cluster that includes major stars like Al Waid, Thuban and Al Dib.

General Characteristics of Sagittarius Woman

Sagittarius attracts attention with its cultured, charming, humorous, sensitive and intelligent aspects. It has a delicate and fragile structure. Forgiveness is. It is intelligent and has a strong grip. They may be interested in more than one subject and have knowledge about all of them.

Sagittarius woman has a structure that bored and quickly bored. It does not like the restlessness and it is not much in the uneasy environment. Energetic and cheerful in the environment with a sought-after friend.

The woman of Sagittarius is interested in entertainment and traveling. He likes to travel, see new places and meet new people. He wants to be materially strong. Money is a tool for him.

In his relationship with the opposite sex, he attaches importance to friendship and friendship. If she doesn't feel restricted in her relationship, she can get married and become a loyal partner.

Sagittarius woman enjoys the interest and compliment. Often confronting love with friends in the Sagittarius of the woman of the Sagittarius, primarily looking for trust and friendship on the other side. It is very important for him to be able to chat and exchange ideas with the people he likes.

Sagittarius woman will be a very pleasant partner when married. She is devoted to children and will build a relationship based on friendship with her children.

General Features of Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius man attracts attention with its intellectual, sensitive, curious, cheerful and friendly nature. He is fond of his friends and friendly.

Inaction Sagittarius bites man. He must always be active and outdoors. She doesn't like to be in the indoor for too long.

Sagittarius man knowledge in many subjects. This is because of its curious nature. He likes criticism and is outspoken. Sometimes this frankness can also exceed the pot-breaking border.

The man, who is extremely fond of his freedom, enjoys the loneliness, can not easily connect and afraid of their relationships. She enjoys chatting with knowledgeable and cultured women.

The Sagittarius may show interest intensely when a man likes a woman. But when he later finds out that he can't find what he's looking for, he can quickly get bored. For this reason, it is necessary to try to understand a male Sagittarius.

If Sagittarius really loves the man, he is bound and not afraid to marry. He has a happy marriage.

Character Features

Sagittarius, ninth in the zodiac, takes the ninth place in the evolutionary adventure of the human species and its progress in the universe. In parallel to the effort of Scorpio to understand and control human emotions, Sagittarius carries the understanding and control of knowledge as the basic motif. Many of the arcs have an academic curiosity that covers a wide range of interests. Sagittarius is uncomfortable with the situations and people are not tightened and does not hesitate to show that they are bored. In such cases, it is extremely easy for a Sagittarius to get away from it physically or mentally. Rather than classical education, their experiences and journeys tend to learn with their adventures. The Sagittarius may be a teacher or educator who will be extremely useful for the education system if he is given the opportunity to improve his knowledge and to increase his experience.

Sagittarius, which is a variable horoscope, can easily adapt to changes in life. However, as with all Variable signs, for Sagittarius, this adaptation ability, moving away from its own realities, is at risk of ignoring basic needs. Sagittarius, the symbol of Sagittarius, is truly a knowledge, adventure and experience hunter. The people of Sagittarius, who do not hesitate to reveal their sincere and true thoughts, are sometimes known to be rude or apolitical. Due to his talkative, warm and honest nature, he can easily interact with people.

The people of Sagittarius are open to all kinds of experiences that will separate themselves from different life and everyday life. The desire for freedom in their nature directs them to try the adventure and the untried. Sagittarius, whose image is quite colorful and rich, often uses these abilities to distract himself from the unpleasant situations.

Physical reaction is the most important in the perception of experiences. Sagittarius is then inclined to evaluate the mental level, to consider the practical side of the experience, and finally to analyze it in the emotional frame. Sagittarius, who is fond of its independence, is actually a nomadic soul. The fact that married springs are having problems is that they don't want to give up their independence.

Sagittarius, blessing, and the planet of luck, led by Jupiter, has a character that is inclined to exaggerate and optimistic who wants to overcome their horizons. According to Sagittarius, life is an opportunity to be tasted, fun to the end. Sagging things out of good things and developing habits very quickly, Sagittarius does its utmost to get maximum taste from life. Sagittarius people who are under Jupiter's expansionist, multiplier effect may experience problems in their lives, because they have difficulty in satisfying them, or Sagittarius's extreme spiritual and philosophical approaches can cause them to break with the real world.

Career Life

Sagittarius is an optimistic and helpful person who loves laughing, talking and fun. With its easily adaptable structure and versatility, it can easily influence the people in front. She is so deeply committed to what she believes in, convincing the other person. Therefore, Sagittarius especially achieves great success in sales and marketing.

Since it has an optimist structure, even in any negative situation, it does not hesitate to spend the effort to the end. But he also needs to be free to feel comfortable and to be useful. Believes that knowledge is power, Sagittarius tries to gain knowledge and develop its hardware in all subjects related directly or indirectly with Sagittarius business.

For Sagittarius who loves travel, movement and adventure, routine tasks and office work are boring. In particular, in areas that require external relations, assigning Sagittarius to the organization means guaranteeing success. Although the tendency to generalize and globalize may occasionally skip the details, Sagittarius, which dreams of the whole goal, surely reaches there somehow.

Since Sagittarius generally prefers to be out of the office, it is not very important where it actually works. However, due to its claustrophobic nature, narrow, dark, cramped environments cause a decrease in yield. There are certain memories of his journey in his office.

Every job that requires travel and movement is extremely convenient for Sagittarius. Persuasion, adaptability and faithful nature show great skill in the field of Sagittarius sales. The importance it attaches to knowledge plays an important role in achieving great success and satisfaction in academic career. Foreign relations are particularly suitable for Sagittarius.

Money Status

Similar to the August beetle, Sagittarius is also quite optimistic in the financial field. If he spends it, he'il be sitting there. In fact, the people of Sagittarius, led by Jupiter, the planet of chance and wealth, always seek to overcome their material boundaries. Thinking of everything in great dimensions, Sagittarius likes to make big investments and play with large sums. Therefore, the risks also grow. Sagittarius is shocked when he comes face to face with the fact that he comes to the last stage of the danger and does not lose his optimism and hope until he relies on the door.

Sagittarius, who is very prone to his philosophy of "the best investment man has made to himself", avoids any expenditure in order to advance himself and improve his equipment. Even in advanced ages, if he gets the chance, he can start training, leaving aside money. Because she loves adventure and aims to integrate her personality with long journeys, she never hesitates to spend big sums on long trips. Family members may experience serious financial problems because their sense of responsibility towards people with Sagittarius is not so intense. Seeing money as a means to recognize life, to improve itself and to have fun, Sagittarius has a hard time investing both in accumulating and investing in hard times.

In fact, it is not a priority in Sagittarius's life because it can adapt to life under any circumstances and is more skillful and fortunate than other signs to achieve happiness. It is an ordinary task for Sagittarius to create opportunities to enjoy, even under minimum conditions.

Love Life

One of the most attractive and interesting signs for love is Sagittarius. Sag, who perceives life as an entertainment, likes to love and dream. One of the most important features is the wit ability. It is always full of new ideas and has an enthusiastic approach to life. Sagittarius passion for freedom, generosity and quest for adventure are other important features.

Despite the adventure of excitement, passion, romance, this free soul may find it quite boring to be bound to a place. The Sagittarius detects love as an adventure or struggle. If Sagittarius is not affected by the person he is first with, he will not continue the relationship. For Sagittarius it is important to tell what the other person is telling rather than where he or she eats.

Since Sagittarius is deeply interested in many subjects, he also wants his partner to be intellectually rich. The springs are intellectually sophisticated and they are people who enjoy the conversation. Shortly after the relationship, Sagittarius's clear and direct approaches begin to emerge, often without paying attention to what the other person will feel or think about. In fact, there is no bad intent, other than the desire to be natural.

The main aim of Sagittarius in relation is to be loyal to his wife. However, it is not possible for Sagittarius to be overly fond of his house, with a man who does not want to go out, or with a jealous wife. The abandonment of the freedoms required by the relationship causes Sagittarius to feel trapped. When he finds a suitable wife, it is inevitable that his deep ambitions and warmth will be revealed. From this moment, it is not possible to be bored with Sagittarius.

Sex & Sexual Life

The sexual life of Sagittarius individuals led by the expansion, abundance and fertility planet Jupiter is also quite crowded. In sexual life it is difficult to understand what characteristic of Sagittarius is triggered by. In other words, in different experiences, different people find and attract different attractions. Because she is not overly emotional, sexual life is also a means of bringing her to different horizons, out of congestion of daily life.

Sagittarius, who is very interested in life outside, has the chance to experience many different experiences as it has a wide environment. But Sagittarius, who is quite honest and open-hearted, never hesitates to mention his experiences to his partner. The Sagittarius is often abandoned, since it cannot be a partner who can withstand this moving life.

In fact, one of the reasons for his polygamy is the desire to find the person he wants in his dreams. But when he's not near what he loves, he prefers to love his next one. Sag, having bodily structure with congenital proportions, is usually a temple that is attractive to the opposite sex with its sincere, warm and open structure. Believing that knowledge is power, Sagittarius gives importance to educating people sexually. Sagittarius, who is also mentally active, enjoys a long conversation with his partner, who shares his sexuality. Even after the end of the relationship, it is important to remain friends, to be in communication and to work.

Health Life

The last sign of the fire element is the variable Sagittarius. The desire to obtain information in the people of Sagittarius, adventurism, novelty seeking can be listed as the main characteristics. The fact that Sagittarius is ready for change at any time helps the body to show flexibility and adaptation to the conditions. Calves, legs, tailcartus bone, hips, sciatic nerves that descend from here and control the upper-posterior parts of the legs are under the domination of Sagittarius. Traditionally, the liver is under the influence of Sagittarius, but because it is an organ of the digestive system, it is argued that Cancer and Virgo have a greater effect in some schools.

The curiosity of Sagittarius in different environments, as well as boils, wraps, abscesses and microbial fires, causes tendencies to fall due to falls. The governing planet is very important for the Sagittarius, under the direction of the giant Jupiter, to be sensitive to the giant organ liver. In addition, rheumatism, sciatica, gout, febrile diseases and weaknesses may be seen.

The curiosity of different cultures in their food can lead to an alternative diet. However, it is necessary for Sagittarius to develop a low-alcohol diet, which will not undergo allergy and will not overwhelm the liver.

Home-made articles made of tin, will be on, garnet, ivory, agate stone will bring luck and peace.

Artichoke cures and pills are also a source of health for Sagittarius, as well as teas and medicines made with plants such as groin grass, borage, dandelion flower, sage, which grows in sweet, fragrant and sweet large areas with blue or blue flowers.

Sporty outfits in blue shades, which allow for comfortable movement, help both feel comfortable and comfortable.

Sagittarius enthusiasm and lively nature are the reason why he is relieved and successful in almost every sport. However, although it loves all the outdoor activities, especially athletics, camping, horse riding and archery take a very important place in Sagittarius life.

With the reflex effect of the opposing sign Gemini, attention must also be paid to the diseases associated with the lungs and the nervous system.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolic rate of Sagittarius is very high and has a moving and active structure. She loves outdoor activities and adventures. However, over time, under the influence of Jupiter, which symbolizes the principle of growth and expansion, excess weight starts to form, especially in the basins. Sagittarius, who loves extraversion, social and changes, takes great pleasure in being together with people and acting together.

Sports like archery, fencing, polo, horse riding, rafting, trekking are ideal for Sagittarius. In addition, all of the risk-taking, exciting activities of the open air also provides great satisfaction. Sagittarius, who loves traveling, also enjoys camping, driving a long bike and driving. Sagittarius, who understands and knows the connection between mind, soul and body very well, can try every method to keep himself in good condition.

His biggest passion is his fondness for fats. Generally, it is the curiosity of different world cuisines, different cultures' dishes, trying different flavors, and therefore gaining weight. Do not like the limitations and restrictions may miss the Sagittarius time control. But because of its moving structure, it is very lucky.

A daily diet that provides calcium balance is very important for Sagittarius. Sagittarius, which is particularly sensitive to the leg bones and the basin region, should focus on milk and dairy products.

It is useful to carry precious and semi-precious stones to the Sagittarius and to keep them where they live. This method, also known as gemotherapy, plays an important role in maintaining the bodily balance of Sagittarius. Fasting once in a while for the physical body and spiritual needs of Sagittarius. It is an ideal method for resting the liver, which is sensitive especially in Sagittarius, consuming excess oil and removing toxins from the body. However, prolonged action may cause Sagittarius to feel under pressure and uncomfortable. Spices and herbal teas are the basic necessity for Sagittarius while maintaining sufficient weight and maintaining weight. It is also important for Sagittarius to be careful not to overdo it in salt and sugar use.

Gift Selection

Female Sagittarius

Animated and athletic Sagittarius woman can gift membership to the gym. Since you like to try new sports, you can make sure to take lessons on horseback riding, karate or any kind of sport. In fact, because he likes to learn something new in every subject, you can arrange a lot of courses that can interest him (from Italian to food class).

She prefers comfortable and comfortable sportswear. You can get a handy suitcase for the woman who loves to travel. The digital camera will be a good gift because it is a modern woman. The sport will make him happy an hour, a pair of boots or sneakers.

If you are going to book a woman who is quite intelligent Sagittarius you should choose an interesting and deep book that you can discuss later on. She loves circuses, you can get tickets to a circus show. Auspicious gem of the zodiac sign. You can get an interesting jewelry from the Firuze. You can gift a cat or puppy who loves animals.


You can get a sports watch for the Sagittarius man in constant motion to get to work in time. As he travels a lot, you can give his passport and leather briefcase for his tickets. The spring man is very sporty. Ski shoes, basketball or soccer ball, tennis racket, sport outfit, a tent to use when camping, can barbecue. Fishing tackle, hunting knife and compass next to it. You can choose from sport shops.

You can buy tickets for basketball and football at the table. You can give an anorak, vest that you will wear while walking around the creek hill in winter. If you have a playground you can have a basketball. He's always childish, he'll love a colorful kite or a circus show. If you have children if you get a remote control toy boat with children in the park, water will play with it.