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Cancer Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Month

Element: Water

Quality: Pioneer

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7

Day: Monday

Color: White, Sea Blue, Silver

Tarot card: Month

Animal: Shellfish

Plant: Hezaren Flower, Water Lily, Kenger Grass

Precious Metals: Silver

Positive sides:

Gentle, Sensitive, Sympathetic, Merciful. Maternity and paternity are strong. Patriotic. Love of the nest. Persistent. Resourceful. Good wife. Frugal.


Gooey. Snob. Messy. Skeptical. Variable. Jealous. Weak minded. Self-pity. Not being fixed. Variable emotions.

Cancer Team Star (Astronomy)

Praespei is located in the constellation Cancer. The star of the star, known as Ursa Minor and the Little Bear team star, is the current Star of the Polar. While Ursa Major and Big Bear star cluster are found in the middle, Argo, the most important star of Conopus, is in the last dean.

General Features of Cancer Women

Cancer people are known for their sudden reaction to events. The woman in her horoscope responds to positive or negative situations. The woman in her place has a nice temperament. Evcimen is warm-blooded, honest and well-intentioned. It is possible to say that he is passionate about romance and adventure. The woman of Cancer is very much attached to her home, her family, her habits and customs. In general, he draws a rootstock portrait, loves everything about the home environment and the house. Intellectual mothers come out of this sign.

Emotionally he is very sensitive and intuitive. She can easily recognize the intention of those around her. The woman of Cancer can break very easily and be hurt. These walls only collapse against the people they trust. The woman of Cancer is very understanding and compassionate towards the people she trusts. Therefore, she always seeks good faith and compassion for the people around her.

The woman of Cancer is generous, but not extravagant. She loves saving and accumulating too much. He wants to be financially strong in order to feel safe. Cancer has deep feelings and thoughts. He certainly doesn't like to talk about himself, but he likes to have ideas about others.

Cancer woman does not like to be criticized, and it is difficult to accept the negative aspects. She loves to laugh and develops her humor ability. and gives much value to love.

General characteristics of Male Cancer

Cancer man, gentle, honest, heavy-headed, and attracts attention with its haughty structure. His emotional structure is very sensitive. Love and respect are the cornerstones for him. He values ​​people around him and tries to help them. Instead of trying to take advantage of their weaknesses, they try to support them.

The Cancer man has a sharp and practical intelligence. The ability to analyze is highly developed. It can easily analyze the things. It loves everything about it. She also loves it when she likes it because of her rather emotional structure and she doesn't give up easy easy. He is extremely loyal to his partners in their relationship.

Cancer men attach great importance to money, but this is due to the fact that they want to be safe in terms of feeling secure and financially vulnerable to their relatives.

Cancer man is honest and he is honest with himself. He does not think badly with people he doesn't like and doesn't trust. She is also very fond of her home life, and the best fathers leave her new-born men.

Character Features

The Cancer, the fourth horoscope of the zodiac, symbolizes the fourth stage of human evolution and its position in the universe. The basic need in Cancer is not based on individual vital motives. The main motivation of the Cancer is to ensure the continuity of the human species. Efficiency, fertility and feeding characteristics are in the symbolism of Cancer. In other words, the Cancer wants to develop and define its own identity as part of a family. Cancer, which aims to feed the people around them in a way, is very advanced in compassion, donation and mercy. When Cancer is sad, it gives itself to food, so this sign is more likely to gain weight. As a result of the value given to the concept of family, collecting, history and gynecology are among the fields of interest.

The Cancer is prone to action because it has trait characteristics. It reaches its intended goal in one way or another. Cancer, who has a strong will, never goes directly to his destination because he knows his own emotional sensitivity and is in search of safety. Like the typical characteristic of the Cancer of the side, the Cancer people prefer to reach their targets by the side roads and keep them under control. He prefers to reveal his needs through emotional approaches rather than direct demands in human relations. In the slightest unpleasantness, like pulling the Cancer into the shell, she pulls herself into her inner world and prefers to remain there until she registers safety. Cancer who feels that he cannot be successful or feels threatened, patiently waits for more favorable conditions.

The reaction to the experiences in life is always emotionally based. Before deciding what to do, without taking action, and evaluating it from the logic frame, the Cancer evaluates what it feels. Cancer people are usually successful as a result of their positive structures, positive steps and positive connections with other people. Ay, the symbol of human emotions, instincts, is the director of Cancer. One of the most important disadvantage of a Cancer is that it can be enslaved by emotions, and it is hard to remove itself from the world of emotions and feelings. He has a rather shy and shy attitude, especially in his life, his personal needs and his issues.

In order for the Cancer to be able to open itself, in other words, to surrender, it must trust one hundred percent and have no hesitation. Intuition becomes a useful tool of daily life in people with Cancer who can control their over-emotionality and shyness. Cancer, which has a holding, accumulating and collecting nature, is also very difficult to forget about its bitter experience and experience. Similarly, it is very difficult for the Cancer to remember and not forget the relationships that ended. Besides, it takes a lot of time for the Cancer to make a distinction between human relations, the sense of responsibility and the sense of having. Cancer can not even tolerate criticism and even constructive criticism. These depressions are the main factors in the emergence of consequences such as the closure of the world for a long time, removal from life, depression, unwillingness and lack of self-confidence.

Career Life

The sensitive, fragile, emotional structure of Cancer also shows itself in business life. Instead of going directly to the target, the Cancer tries to wander more around, understand the conditions and gain confidence. This characteristic is reflected in the prudential steps in business life, safe initiatives and the steps that can be achieved.

Leading in the nature of the Cancer is not really expected to take the leadership properties. Risk of Cancer is not to take risk in his work. The Cancer does its best to ensure that the working environment is safe, harmonious and peaceful. In addition, the Cancer is a well-liked colleague or boss with a nature that protects and cares for the good. Loyalty and a sense of responsibility help each end of the work to begin and achieve success.

Though not powerful enough to conquer the world, he has the strength and love to create a beautiful world for himself and those who are together. Because of her devotion to family, ancestors and gathering, she also wants to avoid unnecessary waste and expenses in her business life. This place, where he exhibits his collections or the heirlooms from the family, is a shelter from time to time for his own privacy.

The most typical Cancer professions come from food and beverage, hospitality and food areas. In addition, due to the nature of the Cancer, the guard is a very good teacher, nanny, nurse and doctor becomes. Real estate, maritime professions are among the things they will do.

Money Status

As the water element is a horoscope, the Cancer intuition and instincts are so intense that it has the potential to anticipate changes in economic trends. Although it is generally perceived as needing support, Cancer, who is very fond of its security, is also very careful about financial issues. He always succeeds in the planning and implementation of his life's financial field. She feels herself under heavy responsibility, not for individual purposes, but because she tries to guarantee her family's daily living and future.

The most typical investment tool of Cancer is real estate. He gives much importance to land and buildings because of his need for it. First of all, after buying a home where the entire family can fit comfortably and comfortably, comfortably and comfortably, it will continue to buy property in order to generate income and make sound investments. In addition, because of its collecting, the antiques it collects and art works are other areas that it uses as an investment tool. In general, the collector is not too difficult for the Cancer to put money aside, because it is a spooler structure. Although food is very important in the life of Cancer, it prefers to keep clothing costs to a minimum. Cancer who doesn't like spending money on himself treats his family with his hands.

The biggest disadvantage of financial crunches is the inability to give up old habits. It is quite time-consuming for Cancer to give up on its not really efficient, perhaps risk-bearing bank and investment methods. The Cancer, which is very advanced in the mechanism of empathy, helps those in need and feels and feels satisfied in a spiritual sense. The intensity of the feeding impulse is the main reason why it helps people by giving food to people they never know. Like a Taurus, Cancer likes to borrow or lend money. Even under the most difficult conditions, even with the debt to give back the Cancer, with strong memory never forget what they give. When it is difficult to minimize spending, it almost never complains and is not enforced.

Love Life

At the beginning of a relationship from the Cancer, the first step to come, or people who like to express their feelings clearly should not expect. Shy and direct approaching Cancer, prefers to be passive in love. Since the Cancer is more prone to traditional and outdated styles, a theater or romantic meal will help him feel more comfortable on the first date. The romantic and nostalgic Cancer can provide the opportunity to learn about his personality and life by talking about the past.

The Cancer is appreciated and valued at every opportunity to see and feel the need to ask his partner's ideas on different topics, asking for advice, is indicative of the value of Cancer. The Cancer hates being rejected and feared. Taking no to answer, even in small subjects, can cause deeper damage.

Cancer has an excellent memory and is very jealous. Because it will not easily be forgotten, intimate and dishonest approaches also risk the deterioration of the relationship. It is very difficult to forgive and forget. When he is emotionally injured, he can change his / her behaviors and expectations in the relationship. Emotional and financial assurance is the biggest need in the relationship.

If the partner provides the necessary confidence in the relationship, which is necessary within the relationship, a perfect wife can have it throughout life. In return for the trust and attention of his wife, he feeds with a much more intense love, affection and devotion than expected. Cancer is a perfect parent for children.

Sex & Sexual Life

Cancer, who does not approach any desire in his life directly, expects to remain behind in sexuality and to be sure of his wishes by keeping his desires. Cancer is very important in the life of emotions, especially in intense emotions, while the sexual becomes active.

Under the direction of the Moon, the Cancer has a variable mood as the phases of the Moon. Especially since Cancer women are also affected by this change in physical sense, their play in hormone levels also manifests itself in their sexual desire. Although he has a rich world of imagination, he is afraid to explain his fantasies to his partner even after many years together. Because he cannot resist criticism and mockery, he wants to protect himself and his vulnerability.

Since loyalty is its greatest feature, it undoubtedly exhibits a monogamous structure. In fact, even if his partner leaves him, he cannot be with another person for a long time, he has difficulty adapting. It is impossible for the Cancer to be deceived, even if it is a simple sexual adventure with their habits and memory too strong. Since it is impossible to forget, after this adventure, nothing will ever be the same.

As a compassionate and thoughtful partner, Cancer is incredibly sensitive to the needs and wishes of the people. Love uses games for the spiritual feeding of his partner. Since it is an integral part of eating life, it takes great pleasure to have dinner with his lover in bed after sex or before.

Health Life

The fourth sign of the zodiac is the Cancer in the water element and the precursor. Compassion, fidelity and protection are the most prominent characteristics of the Cancer character. Cancer, which is considered to be related to motherhood, is effective on the breasts, chest, thorax bridge, female reproductive system, stomach, digestive system and pancreas.

The typical structure of Cancer, which is prone to worrying quickly and not trusting people easily, tends to tend to all psychosomatic disorders. Gastritis and digestive problems, accumulation of water in any part of the body, irregular developments in the breasts and disorders, uterine problems are the most common disorders. All mucotic layers in the body have a connection to the Cancer sign. Hormone and menstrual irregularities in women, or excessive bleeding is one of the most typical Cancer features.

Even the slightest unrest in the family, or even a temporary journey of one of the family members, can cause concerns for the Cancer. For Cancer, the stomach is always the leading problematic region. Therefore, taking care to take clean and pure foods that will not cause fermentation is of great importance for Cancer. Good food cooking and avoiding spice type stimulants will prevent stomach problems. Due to unnecessary concerns, openness to delusions, especially financial issues and all kinds of security concerns, may lead to neurological problems. Since the Cancer does not want to leave the house too much, the weather change can be considered as an effective, relaxing element.

The presence of silver objects in the house of Cancer, the use of jewels and jewelry made of moonstone, pearl, opal, blue quartz (chalcedony), will bring spiritual calm and success. Thick, juicy leaves, growing in wetlands, bird grass, yogurtotu, willow plants such as willow good health.

For Cancer, especially in purple and lilac tones, white and all other pastel colors should be considered as important tools for a healthy life.

Cancer who loves her house, she can do as much at home as possible, not tired of activities, especially in sauna, pool and other sea activities are happy.

Diet & Fitness

Although the Cancer is a sign that is prone to action, it is still not very high metabolic rate. The stomach sensitivity is very intense Cancer individuals, at the same time, very quickly worrying, has a panic character. Emotional go-gels and fluctuations in the mood directly affect the stomach. As a result, every stomach burn or, in other words, ascites, the Cancer finds itself in the kitchen or in front of the refrigerator.

Affected by the moon phases, Cancer moods are also variable. Especially in the Full Moon, the level of stress rising Cancer B vitamins are not missing, mental health will be useful in terms.

According to the other signs, emotionally weak and sensitive, the Cancer evaluates its physical actions even at the emotional level. Therefore, any sporting activity must make Him feel good. The water element is a horoscope of Cancer individuals, especially water sports or water-side activities are like. Swimming in the strengthening of the nervous system and sea air has a great benefit. Strict fitness programs will create stress in the weak structure of Cancer. Instead of requiring rhythmic movements, stable techniques will be much more appropriate for Cancer.

The Cancer is the archetypal cook of the Zodiac. He loves to cook and he really is a master. However, since she herself tries the first dishes she cooks, a Cancer does not have the luxury of not gaining weight. Therefore, the lower calorie, low-fat choices of meals will help the Cancer to eliminate this disadvantage by preserving the pleasure of eating.

In particular, female Cancer needs to control the daily salt intake seriously. The body structure, which is already very suitable for water retention, can cause serious problems when the excess salt is removed. In particular, women may start to complain frequently of symptoms before menstruation. Cancer can be very quickly disordered in food habits from time to time in this area may need professional help.

Thalassotherapy, water treatment is the most suitable alternative technique for Cancer. However, this method, which is not suitable for every environment and sac, can be replaced by hydro massage tools, mud baths and clay soaps. In order to provide lymphatic drainage, special massages will also help in arranging for the Cancer-prone tendency. It is especially suitable for Cancer.

Gift Selection

Cancer Woman

The sensitive Cancer woman will love her in her poetry book. Especially if you write two lines of poetry with a fountain pen on parchment paper, you will keep it until the end of your life. The pearl and silver are ruled by this horoscope, and they both stand wonderful on her delicate, clear skin. If you are to buy pearls, you should get the highest quality natural pearls. If you are his lover, you can take a tiny locket necklace into which you can put your own picture and print is I love you koy on the back.

If you're going to spend the night with her, you should buy a pearly white or silvery, ruched silk nightgown. You can make an appointment for the best beauty salon or barber, makeup and hairstyles for him.

You can ship house or garden plants with white roses, gardenites or white flowers. The cook of the Cancer man is famous, he cooks great food. You will like the stylish pots pan set, steak knife, wooden salad set, china pan, eskpresso-cappuccino coffee maker for your cuisine. You can get a quality linen -invent suit or American services that are compatible with the colors of your house. The emotional Cancer woman will love silver or glass candlesticks.

Cancer Man

You can give your Cancer man a black and white photo taken in a high quality photographer in a silver frame. He'll also like a multi-page photo album, more emotionally than you might think.

You can surprise him by organizing a boat or motor trip, and you can have home-made meals. You can frame the sailboat picture of an old ship for the study room. Many Cancer males like to cook. Get it if you can find a cookbook written for men. She'll love courses that teach French or Chinese cuisine. You can gift a new coffee machine, mini-oven, American dishes, single cooker-pan set. You can post things like cakes and cakes.

You will be delighted with the hundreds of channels that you can watch if you subscribe to the Cancer-Dish subscription that loves sitting in your house. Silver is the metal of Cancer, if you get him a silver key ring he will be able to organize his keys. Cancer man likes to save money, you can even give him treasure bills. Don't think it's a boring gift, your thoughtfulness and your nationalism will affect it.