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Libra Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Quality: Pioneer

Lucky Numbers: 6, 9

Day: Wednesday

Color: Blue, Lilac

Tarot Card: Lovers

Animal: Snake, Lizard

Plant: Almond, Cypress and Ash, Rose

Precious Metals: Copper

Positive sides:

Beauty, talented in fine arts. Sweetness. Compatibility. Grace. Romantic. Diplomatic. Fineness. Attractiveness. Idealist. Unbiased. Bona fide. Good partner. Good politician. Creative and charming. Smart.


Unstable. Squeamish. Lightness. Variability. Philanderer. Imbalance. It's cheating. Laziness. Quick change of ideas. Stay under the influence.

Libra Team Star (Astronomy)

In the constellation of Libra there are two main stars, Zuben al Ganubi and Zuben al Schemali. Hydra, the snake is also located in the latitude of this sign. To the south of this sign is the first decan, Crusis-Haç, and the third dean to the north, Corona Borealis-Taç. Between these two Lupus-Kurt is located near Libra.

General Features of Libra Woman

Libra is attractive, beautiful, aesthetic, bouncy and harmonious structure attracts attention with pleasant and pleasant to exchange ideas with people. He is good-natured and enjoys beauty.

Libra has a very unique style of beauty. He prefers to use his beats rather than following fashion. He attaches great importance to material values, because according to him, material means is a means of achieving a lot of beauty.

The woman who enjoys comfort and pleasure doesn't like to be difficult. he feels the greatest gratification of having everything ready to offer him. Rather than dealing with heavy work, it would make him more happy to deal with the aesthetic dimension of things.

Libra is cheerful, sensitive and emotional. Interpret the events according to their feelings. What matters is how he feels. Therefore, he does not hesitate to apply what he knows correctly. A woman who is fond of her liberty doesn't like to be restricted.

Libra is easily recognized by men because it has an irresistible appeal. If the woman of the Libra believes that the other side loves herself, she will become a very loyal and loyal partner.

The Libra woman is a perfect match in marriage and will be fond of her children. The woman who likes to share the happiness will know how to spread her love to her family members in the most appropriate way and make them happy in this circle of love.

General Features of Libra

Libra man is undecided, emotional, romantic, optimistic and soft-tempered structure attracts attention. He is a loved and wanted friend in the society. It gives importance to mutual trust. He's honest and he wants everyone to be like that.

The Libra man exhibits a personality that is curious and open to learning. He is a good speaker and can easily influence people around him. Calmness and tranquility are very important to him, and the sudden emotional exhausts him. He likes to be well-groomed and places great emphasis on cleanliness. He wants people around him to be.

He likes to exchange ideas with his friends. He enjoys having long and deep conversations. It is fragile and its emotional aspect always outweighs.

The Libra man seeks particular elegance, reason, logic and beauty in the opposite sex in bilateral relations. Women with hard temperament do not address to him. When the Libra is in love, the man will be a passionate and loyal partner. Loyalty is very important to him.

The relationship of the Libra men is long-lasting. When she is married, she will be a respectful, loyal, subtle and thoughtful wife. She loves children and will make all her efforts to become a good father.

Character Features

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac, symbolizing the seventh stage of human evolution. The Libra, which is associated with marriage and partnership, actually symbolizes all people against the individual. Libra is responsible for the balance between individual and society. The basic need of Libra is to find the balance between ambition and intellect. The most important characteristic that helps him in this quest is the objectivity of the trial mechanism. While the Libra sometimes seem to be distant, cold, and emotionless, they actually get this view source to be objective.

Libra which is a leading sign of horror is not afraid to take action. Although he is strongly in need of affection and approval by other people, Libra tries very hard to achieve his cause. Usually, it does not hesitate to use its charm and attractiveness to reach its goals. When these methods do not benefit, the Libra may become aggressive. These changes in behavioral forms help the other party to be surprised and re-establish the control of Libra. If he believes there is nothing he can achieve or nothing more, Libra never hesitates to draw a new path, leaving no matter what the issue or purpose is. Like Libra, the symbol always tries to measure, weigh and balance the people. They want to be fairly fair in this relationship for human relations.

In Libra's life, the search for a partner in which he has bilateral relations, where he can see his own reflections, and completes his own shortcomings, continues from birth to his death. Sharing is the basic impulse. Libra, who first perceived his experiences as an intellectual, then looks at his practical value, his emotional influences and his physical needs. It evaluates solutions, such as a brain game, by imagining each experience. Although the Libra are difficult to understand from the outside, they are passionate, love-less and romantic. However, there is also a disillusionment with Libra, who has not found an intellectual dimension in its relations.

Under the control of Venus, the world of social competence and beauty, Libra derives emotional, physical and psychological satisfaction from every beauty. Books, music, beautiful clothes, jewels, flowers, art objects are things that he cares about. If the environment inhabited by Libra is not aesthetically enough, it may become a source of unhappiness. For Libra, social life and relationships are easy with the innate elegance and diplomacy. It fills the center of the group without making a great effort in social environments. It becomes a wanted, loved and respected person. However, he may not be able to use these abilities effectively in challenging situations or when he / she is reluctant. When there is lack of peace and harmony, serious problems may arise in both physical and mental health.

Career Life

Although he has difficulty deciding because of multi-dimensional thinking, Libra definitely applies and makes decisions. The sense of justice and the right to draw attention in business life.

Libra Likes to lead because of its pioneering quality and does its best to deserve it. Libra, which is one of the elements of air, are socially vivid and entertaining. Their communicative abilities, natural courtesies and diplomacy are the reasons why they are loved and appreciated in business life. Libra, which is the basic necessity for spiritual serenity of harmony and peace, also takes care to stay as far away from controversies as possible. That doesn't mean it's not in competition. But it even has a structure that prefers to manipulate its competitors strategically and elegantly.

It is ideal for Libra to work with a partner and partner to complete the points that he / she has seen himself / herself in. The ability in human relations, the effort to find the balance, especially in business life, mediator, such as the reason why the mediator to take responsibility. The importance it attaches to its aesthetic values ​​and its external appearance help it to attract physical attention and use it for its connections in business life. Libra office is decorated with refined, tastefully decorated, beautiful objects. He prefers to have fresh flowers in the Libra office and to welcome his guests with quality drinks.

Due to his diplomatic structure and mediator characteristics, Libra can gain serious successes in politics. In addition, the development of the sense of justice and justice in the legal system, as well as academically and actively to help ensure successful and satisfaction. The value it attaches to human relations and its natural ability in this field makes it stand out in professions such as counseling, psychology and psychiatry.

Money Status

Libra, which is the element of balance, also needs financial stabilization in life. Libra, who doesn't want to buy anything without bargaining, actually does this as a principle. Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of art and beauty, prefers to invest in precious stones, mines, artworks and antiques. Since the aesthetic value judgments are quite strong, it is generally seen that the works he made later made a significant bonus.

Libra, which symbolizes the partnership, also benefits from joint investments. In fact, he likes to live extremely generously and luxury, he can spend his money for the man he is with until he has a dime. There is always the possibility that it will lose its control over financial matters, especially when it is in love. Because he is also very fond of social life, both social spending and costume spending travel at high levels. Attempting to keep up with social life may cause large holes in the budget, as it cannot give up the need for belonging. Money spent in beauty and personal care centers is another serious expense item.

The money in Libra's life is a tool used only to reach the beauties. Libra, which never made money for a purpose, will help the wanter as much as he wants. Because of her kindness and elegance, she cannot reclaim her debts and is abused by people around her many times. Since sharing is one of its basic requirements, it also makes its financial resources common.

Love Life

Since Libra wants to be loved and loved, he is constantly searching for a companion. A perfect romantic from birth, Libra is very successful in emotional relationships. Thanks to her natural grace, her amicableness and kindness, she is with a Libra, and it is not clear how time is.

There are many different tastes like theater, antiques, decoration and art. Fine art is one of the most important talents of a Libra. Although he prefers to draw the conversation to his own interests, or even if he adorns himself, giving examples from himself and his life, it is still a great pleasure to have a conversation with Libra.

The first and most effective way to gain the love and interest of Libra is to make compliments to Him. If you are convinced of the sincerity of these compliments, the first step is positive. The location of the place, famous attractions of the time, famous for its luxury and good food is also important in the foundation of the foundation. Libra always likes the first class of everything and doesn't want to settle for less. He also takes care that his wife is an elegant person with distinguished tastes like him. Luxury and aesthetic curiosity manifests itself in every aspect of Libra's life.

Libra, which has a structure that can be easily managed, is easily loved by everyone. However, Libra needs a partner who will understand, appreciate and perhaps make an idol. Libra is a socially outgoing and loving partner. Libra who loves going to meetings and parties is easily recognized in social life. Although Libra doesn't like to promise people, they promise to do it once.

Sex & Sexual Life

As a natural consequence of his adoration for love, Libra, dominated by Venus, attaches great importance to sexual sharing. Libra, which has a natural elegance, is always attractive for the opposite sex. Therefore, in order to satisfy the need for approval and appreciation, he never hesitates to use this feature.

As it has an advanced aesthetic sensibility, it is a master in making the environment to be beautiful, to make it comfortable and to make it feel special. It will not be possible to forget the adventure with Libra which uses all kinds of cosmetic materials to increase sexual attraction.

Libra's partner responds to the extent that he appreciates himself, loves and wishes. So the search for balance also shows itself here. Rough behaviors, public invocation of sexuality, aggression are sufficient reasons for the Libra to move away from its partner as soon as possible.

In fact, although there is always a need for a wife, most of them have a polygamic structure. This is due to the intensity of the need for liking and not wanting to be sexually impulsive. Libra's love book is also quite crowded, as it plays an important role in developing self-esteem and being liked by everyone.

Libra, who attaches great importance to social sharing, definitely needs to be in social sharing before stepping into sexuality with his partner.

Health Life

The first sign in the second half of the zodiac is Libra in the air element and the Pioneer. While the need for harmony, love-loving, and the desire for balance can be counted as the most important features of the character of Libra, only fear must be added. Venus also plays a role in ensuring the balance (homoestasis) required for the body to continue its vital activities, regardless of external conditions.

The Libra governs the lumbar region in the body, in particular the kidneys that perform the process of filtering, filtering, and eliminating the ar unwanted things u after being measured and evaluated.

In connection with the kidneys, nephritis, urinary kidney neuralgia, Bright's disease (chronic nephritis) and lumbago, weakness in the lower back, are the most prone to Libra. Particular attention should be paid to pain from the lower back.

Considering this sensitivity of the body, a diet that is applied by balancing acidic and starchy foods with each other benefit Libra. In order to ensure proper functioning of the kidneys in nutrition, it is important not to forget to take the appropriate amount of fluid. Like a Taurus sign, items made of copper, which Libra would use at home or as jewelry, would bring both emerald, pink quartz, coral, both serenity and health.

Preparing teas with sweet flowers such as mint, musk, cinnamon, nettle, oregano, verbena, yarrow, white-flowered, smooth-leaved leaves, gives spiritual calmness and physical health.

Dresses made of elegant, natural materials, especially silk and linen, in which the pastel colors of nature dominate, help to make Libra peaceful and happy. Helps make you fit and healthy. In particular, physical sports such as tennis, table tennis, wall ball, and mental sports such as chess, checkers and playing games will also provide peace and tranquility.

Diet & Fitness

Libra, dominated by the planet Venus, is a slow metabolism. Libra, who gives importance to his body and physical appearance, gradually gains weight with the effect of his devotion to fine dishes. Desserts, chocolates and rare liquors, wines are the weakest point of Libra's eating habits. For a long time, depriving them of this will cause the Libra to become infuriated and to consume more than normal. Therefore, the addition of dessert or a fine glass of wine or liquor to the daily diet is important for the balance of Libra.

Libra, who is very fond of social life, has problems with both alcohol consumption and sleep. Insomnia is a factor in slowing the metabolism, causing the body to take self-protection. The success of Manazi in human relations is also manifested in sports activities. Especially for two seasons sports, tennis, squash, dance, chess is ideal for Libra.

The Libra, which needs to pay special attention to the lower part of the back, should control the daily water consumption in order to ensure that the kidneys are in good condition and to ensure their adequacy. Failure of the kidneys to work well will cause the payment in the body. Especially in the morning when you wake up, swelling may occur in the eyes, hands and feet.

Support with the treatment of trace elements without any side effects, also known as Oligotherapy, will be very effective in stabilizing the balance of metabolism. Trace elements can usually be found in certain foods, or they can be used as capsules. Nutrition, especially fruit to prevent the fat is not prevented. Satisfying the need for sugar, taking fructose from fruits, Libra can make a more balanced diet. In addition, due to its fondness for rich foods, Libra usually have cholesterol problems. Apple cure plays a major role in providing this balance. The fact that there are at least one dish that will definitely appeal to the palate of the diets made to lose weight is a very important condition for the continuation of the Libra.

Gift Selection

Libra Woman

Libra is very keen on quality jewelry and jewelery. You can get her an elegant opal ring or a sapphire necklace. Libra is socially active in woman's life. If you get a small night bag, a silk shawl or night shoes with heels, you will surely use it often. It uses perfume and perfumed body lotions as part of its charm. She can't give up her silk lingerie in the same way. You will also enjoy a champagne silk night. The world of beauty and grace will love fresh flowers as it is ruled by Venus.

The Libra will like a new accessory for the house. The metal of the Libra is copper. Any copper object or an elegant watch can be a mirror on the wall. A stylish crystal vase that you can put your roses in will be a gift for him. It's very interested in people, if you decide to buy a book, you have to choose a biography. Because you love to chat on the Internet, you can get one year of internet access.

Male Libra

The Libra man, led by Venus, loves to listen to music. You can keep in mind the groups you like and get the CDs you like from him. You can have fun by buying tickets to classical, jazz or rock music concerts. If you're going out to eat, a popular club where you can dance from behind will be a good choice. You can get a CD player for the car or new speakers to the house.

If you find a new male fragrance, you will enjoy it. The social life of the Libra man is very mobile. It will be able to better organize daily life with electronic calendar and palm computer.