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Aquarius Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Uranus

Element: Air

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Numbers: 1, 7

Day: Wednesday

Color: Electric Blue

Tarot card: Star

Animal: Great Birds

Plant: Fruit Trees and Orchid

Precious Metals: Uranium

Positive sides:

Humanist. Independent. Friend. Inventor. Orijinalist. Reformists. Loyal. Loyal. Idealist. Intellectual. He's curious about innovation. She likes change. Depends on the past.


Unusual oddities. rebelliousness. Dissident. Obsessive. Traditions are compelling. Crazy, curious about controversy. She wants attention. Crazy. Smug. No dreams.

Aquarius Team Star (Astronomy)

In the first dean of the Aquarius constellation there is the Southern Fish, Pisces Australis, and the second decanter has Pegasus with its giant wings on its back. The main stars here are Markab, Scheat, Enif, Al Genib, Homan, Matar. On the third day there is a beautiful swan. Although he is wounded, he is walking in circles around the Milky Way and in the middle of the nebulic star. Its main stars make a cross. Its brightest stars are Deneb, Azel, Fafoge, Sadr, Adyghe and Arided.

General Features of Aquarius Woman

The woman of Aquarius draws attention with her determined, decisive, and flexible structure. She has a cheerful and pleasant personality. It is a friend who is sought in and around which the idea is sought. He places great importance on friendship and enjoys making friends with like-minded people.

Aquarius draws a strong character with its rational and practical solutions to problems. He is diligent and accomplishes everything in his work. Material is wasteful in matters and he likes to spend money thoughtlessly.

Aquarius woman to restrict itself to prefer to stay away from the ties. He can be happy with a man of good will, a good deal and a man who understands. When he loves he will be a perfect lover and will do his best to make his relationship enjoyable. It is honest and reliable. It is clear and clear to the people around.

He is emotionally sensitive and has deep feelings.He likes change and difference and makes effort to be like this. He likes to share everything about life and becomes a good partner. You will have a fun wife and a thoughtful mother.

General Features of Male of Aquarius

Aquarius male gentle, optimistic, fond of freedom and versatile structure attracts attention. It causes a multi-faceted personality. It doesn't make your emotions easy. The pleasant and cheerful personality makes it a loved person in the community.

Aquarius is a practical and hard working man. He likes to do his own job very much. Enjoys change and difference. His vibrant life makes him happy and energetic.

He is perfectionist in every sense and he doesn't like to be content. She likes to meet new people and exchange ideas with them. He is an admirable person with his attitudes and attitude.

Aquarius male admires his environment with honesty and reliability. He's always tired of dealing with the same thing and can easily change directions.

Aquarius male is a good friend and passionate lover in bilateral relations. She likes smart and personality women. He wants someone who can share his emotional and intellectual intensity. When he likes, he becomes a thoughtful and entertaining partner. She is prone to marriage and has a happy marriage with someone who can keep up with the difference.

Aquarius is a man with a feeling and has a structure that can perceive well. He will do his best to keep his wife happy. He will be a loyal wife and a friendly father. Because he is fond of independence, he will raise his children with this feeling.

Character Features

The eleventh sign of the zodiac generation, Aquarius, is the eleventh stage of the universal development of man and his journey in the cosmos. The individuality of the human being, who began to be fed intensively in Leo, finds himself in a much wider spectrum when he comes to Aquarius. After the social structuring and rule-making phase in Capricorn, human-oriented organizations are created in order to maintain the functionality of the community in Aquarius. Aquarius are interesting individuals of the Zodiac. Thanks to their abilities, loyalty, fair behavior and objective nature, many people know and create friendships.

Aquarius, who does not give importance to material standards in his life, prefers to live and be satisfied with the social and human responsibilities. Aquarius, which is the last fixed horoscope, is resistant to changes and differentiations that develop and evolve outside of itself. Especially in the intellectual dimension, it is possible to see this resistance violently. While large changes are more easily accepted, changes in daily plans and situations that require flexibility cause Aquarius to react. This sign symbolizes the collective spirit of humanity, symbolized by a male figure carrying a bowl of water.

Aquarius generally takes the task of working with the idealistic approaches and principles for the benefit of humanity. In fact, Aquarius, who is very fond of its independence, has a different thought system. There may be serious rebellions when faced with an authoritarian system and dogmatic rules. Sometimes Aquarius may abstain from taking the initiative, but when something enters or believes in an idea, its mobility increases and accelerates. It is the first condition that Aquarius, who does not like being motivated by others, wants himself to do something.

It reacts to every experience and experience in the life of Aquarius in an intellectual manner. Without going into physical action, before taking into account the practical side of something and examining its true feelings, Aquarius tends to think and think in a philosophical dimension. At the forefront of relations, thinking will be at the forefront, and it will lead to the emergence of a character who does not like to be. In fact, when he focuses on Aquarius emotions, he also exhibits a passionate and loving behavior.

In modern astrology, the ruler of Aquarius is Uranus, known for its eccentricity and eclectic structure. In the classical doctrine, Saturn was regarded as the ruling planet of Aquarius. In fact, the symbolism of these two planets is quite contrary to each other, but it is possible to see these characteristics alternately in Aquarius. The most obvious feature of Aquarius is that it cannot be determined in terms of which reactions to be given beforehand, or which cannot be determined. The effect of Saturn brings stability to Aquarius. Sometimes it is not surprising to see a very original way of behaving, and sometimes a traditionally immersed Aquarius. As he is very interested in the past, the history and the antiques, Aquarius may also produce ideas far beyond the age.

Under the influence of Saturn, Aquarius's private life can be characterized as even more uniform, or even as boring by other people. Influenced by everything original and original, the Aquarius man is thrived and satisfied with his connections with interesting relationships and marginalized people.

Career Life

Aquarius, who has no connection with material issues, likes working for more pleasure. In order to be successful in his career, Aquarius must definitely work for a loved one or for social benefits. Aquarius, who likes being on her own, becomes unhappy with the hierarchical mechanism and after a while she begins to rebel.

The continually active Aquarius has the ability to fight in this area. Because it is a fixed horoscope, it is channeled to a purpose that it believes in and it does not stop until it is executed. Its ability to enter into human relations, its humanitarian style and its success in social occupations. However, its tendency to fixed-mindedness may cause its tolerance to fall and cause problems with other people.

Always thinking ahead of the era, Aquarius is open to innovation unless it is imposed. Since it is innate in the technological field, it is not difficult to keep up with the needs of the modern world. When he agrees to be involved in any plan, it is important not to doubt that Aquarius thinks and believes more about this than anyone.

The office of Aquarius is furnished with modern furniture, equipped with all the technological equipment of the age. In this environment that resembles more space bases than a traditional office, Aquarius generally prefers to be alone.

Aquarius, who likes to renew itself, is very successful especially in occupations in technological fields. Continuing research as a scientist and the service provided to humanity is one of the areas where Aquarius has achieved great satisfaction. Due to its humanist structure, all kinds of humanitarian organization and organization within the organization without waiting for any material interest will also make Aquarius happy.

Money Status

One of the signs that have nothing to do with money is the Aquarius. The money comes to Aquarius only when it wants to have technology, or for humanitarian purposes, to help people. Because it attaches great importance to democracy and equal conditions, individual development never has the intention to acquire personal wealth. The planet Aquarius, led by the planet Uranus, is highly volatile, having a habit of spending and accumulating over time, shifting from one extreme to the other.

Following the innovations and being very strong in the technological field, Aquarius earns money in different ways and consumes money for different things. It is usually not very lucrative because it invests in developing technology at any moment. On the contrary, there are ongoing deficits in the budget due to endless renewals.

Sensitive to human values ​​and needs, Aquarius does not hesitate to use its money for others and spend it on its last bullet. However, he does not prefer to get outside help in his own personal distress and tries to manage himself. In particular, even the closest do not know about the financial situation, as they do not like to share their financial problems. Aquarius, which has no weaknesses to consume in luxury, can create opportunities that will keep you busy, even under minimum conditions.

Since it is a very independent structure, it certainly works, from an early age, to earn its own life. The important thing is to be able to go on living without being dependent on anyone, or simply because of the material interests.

Love Life

Aquarius always comes in the opposite sex, witty, different and intelligent. Aquarius manages his life in his own way and can apply his ideas, which can make crazy people go crazy. Even though it is cold, distant and self-righteous from time to time, it is actually a structure that gives value to other people, can think of them and sometimes connect. Aquarius, which has a humanist structure, prefers to participate in life in a highly rational way. Optimism is the basic principle in life. He loves to flirt and make friends.

The attention of Aquarius is most open to the intellectual stimuli. An effective and good speech is also a positive step. The people of Aquarius, who are quite open-minded, can easily criticize and respect other people's ideas. Flexibility and tolerance are the most important characteristics of Aquarius. The people of Aquarius who think every time they go to defense, never become too jealous and overly emotional.

Aquarius does not need a clear method to start and carry out the relationship. However, interesting experiences, different environments, changes, has an important and effective role in getting closer to his partner.

Aquarius needs time to improve its relationship and trust. If the small errors are on the agenda in the relationship, it causes Aquarius to feel discomfort. A partner who constantly voices the mistakes makes him feel unhappy and distances him. As in every relationship, it is very difficult for the Aquarius people to express themselves and to reveal their personality as they are. As long as the other party maintains its loyalty, He will remain loyal. Usually, Aquarius is a man who does not like to promise, but he always fulfills his promises. However, excessive demand, profit, jealous and critical attitudes lead to coldness or even separation in the relationship. Aquarius is looking for a rational and clever spouse with whom he can share life, develop together, and experience new experiences.

Sex & Sexual Life

Aquarius, who is very fond of freedom and innovation, cannot be connected to a single spouse in the sexual field. Since he is very fond of his independence, he can never give himself to the other person literally. Directed by Uranus, which is synonymous with authenticity and eccentricity, Aquarius has quite different habits and behavior in sexual life. He needs to be alerted mentally to be sexually active.

Aquarius Since it is a fixed sign, it is also quite slow in sexuality. For Aquarius, who already identifies with his brain and ideas and has a character far from individuality, sexuality is not necessary. Because of his humanist and democrat style, sexuality always acts on the principle of equality. The woman of Aquarius does not hesitate to take the first step, but adjusts her behaviors according to the reaction of the other party. This egalitarian structure helps the partner to develop a sense of sensitivity to his / her needs, desires and to make a loyal partner.

With a partner who only cares for his body, does not give importance to his thoughts, his intelligence and his mental capacity, he cannot have sex more than once. He prefers not to be with people who do not have a certain mental capacity. Despite being cold, when he is sufficiently warned, Aquarius becomes a fiery lover.

Health Life

The last of the fixed signs is Aquarius located in the Air element. Human loves, desire to be different and innovation The most distinct features of the Aquarius. If Aquarius cannot establish its own order, there may be reductions in life force even if there is no physical malfunction.

In order to preserve the spiritual and physical health of Aquarius, it is necessary to keep away from any problems that limit its freedom in life and prevent it from moving towards its goals. Otherwise, physical disturbances will manifest with great unrest.

Aquarius is effective on the circulatory system in the human body together with calves, wrists and Leo.

The biggest problems in terms of health of Aquarius; falls from falls, sprained and crushed wrists, varicose veins, spasmodic and nervous diseases, blood poisoning, high fever and heart weakness, as well as cramps.

Anemia, blood poisoning, clotting problems, circulatory disorders and vascular occlusion are the most common disorders. Open air, good water, abundant fruits and vegetables should form the basis of Aquarius's diet. While giving importance to foods that are beneficial to the brain and making blood, it is necessary to avoid stimulant, fatty foods.

Turquoise, amethyst, amazonite, malachite stones bring success and health to Aquarius. Particularly amethyst is a semi-precious stone that brings peace and tranquility.

Silver and sea colors, especially electric blue, made of synthetic products are very good for Aquarius and help to feel good. Since Aquarius's thought system is ahead of the age, it also carries a different, marginal style of clothing.

Gladiolus, gladiolus, orange-colored, black-spotted lily, trilyum, bird of paradise are the most auspicious plants of Aquarius.

Aquarius's interest in different activities, different sports, open air pulls. However, it is possible for Aquarius to find peace and mental stability as well as physical activities as well as mental sports. Long walks, gliding, parachuting, swimming and skating will be the most successful sports branches.

Diet & Fitness

The metabolism of the Aquarius people belonging to the air element is very fast. Aquarius, whose thoughts, ideals and brains are at the forefront, is surprised at their physical complaints.

Gymnastic, which has the weakest point wrists in the body, is suitable for gymnastics, skiing and walking to strengthen this region. Another weak area is circulation and cardiac systems. Hence it is ideal for blood circulation regulator, areobic exercises and massage Aquarius. On the other hand, maintaining the body temperature is important for the effectiveness of the circulatory system.

Aquarius, who has a tendency and interest in technology, prefers sports that he can do with such instruments. At least the exercises that can be done at home with video cassettes, in front of the television, are much more enjoyable for Aquarius. However, the curiosity of change gives rise to different experiences.

He can concentrate on what he likes to do so he can skip meals and forget food. Aquarius may also gain weight because of this disordered diet and habit of snacking. Aquarius, who likes to keep up with the era, is also a pioneer in applying new feeding methods and exercise patterns. Being a social horoscope, being together with people makes Aquarius happy. Interesting sports fields that everyone does not choose, especially if teamwork requires team spirit, enters the agenda of Aquarius.

Aquarius, which usually has calcium and sugar deficiency in its nutrition, occasionally complains of hypoglycemia. This complaint may be a precursor of diabetes and therefore weight in later years. In order to support the irregular diet of slimming regimens and daily life, Aquarius must take vitamins. Trace elements can lose weight much easier when they get brewer's yeast and fructose support. The most ideal diet for slimming is low calorie consumption. It also increases the chances of meeting with a specialist who can get psychological support during the regime or being in a group that shares the same goal.

Gift Selection

Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is extremely modern and loves electrical tools such as the Aquarius man. You can get him a CD player, fax machine, video camera.

Aquarius is the director of astrology. You can get him books on astrology or get a map of the stars. Aquarius also manages friendship, a silver picture frame with which you can put together your pictures will be a good gift. You can get a nice calendar where your friends can mark birthdays.

You can choose a crystal pendant. If you are going to buy clothes, you should choose the latest ones. His favorite colors are indigo blue, fuchsia, lead gray. You can give her a massage session in a beauty salon.

Male Aquarius

The Aquarius is governed by the electric planet Uranus, the ruler of the future. Anything that's new, interesting, and electrically powered makes him very excited. Rejuvenate her with her laptop or electric massager. If you have enough money, you can buy a satellite or TV.

You can select a speaker for a new computer game, software or computer. You can gift your telescope or science fiction movie videotape for observing the stars. You can make a star map. You can get books on science fiction or social trends of the new age.