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Gemini Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Mercury

Element: Air

Quality: Variable

Lucky Numbers: 5, 9

Day: Wednesday

Color: Yellow, Orange Color

Tarot Card: Lovers

Animal: Bright Colorful Birds, Butterflies

Plant: Hazelnut, Walnut, Lavender, Pearl Flower

Precious Metals: Mercury

Positive sides:

Compatible, intellectual, quick-to-grasp, logical, talkative, lively, sympathetic, open to innovation. He has a tendency to write and learn a new language.


Variable, unreliable, momentary changes in the mood, unstable, superficial, gossiping, restless, overhead and overly curious.

Gemini Team Star (Astronomy)

In the Gemini constellation, the south of the ecliptic is the Lapus, ie the Rabbit. In the second dean, the Big Dog in Sirius is Mirzam, Mulphen, Wasen and Adhora. The last decanter has a small dog or wolf (Canis Minor). Procyon and Al Gomeize are also found in the constellation Gemini.

General Features of Gemini Women

The Gemini woman draws attention with her cheerful, energetic and moving structure, but she often experiences ambivalences as she may have different characters. and constantly changes your mind. Gemini woman is practical, smart and attractive. But it is very difficult to understand and solve a Gemini woman. Because their ideas and behaviors are constantly changing.

The Gemini woman is alive with the thesis and likes to live. Especially, traveling, seeing new places and meeting new people give her great pleasure.

The Gemini woman can do more than one job at the same time. She enjoys spending so much time and is very well-intentioned. He doesn't like to be limited and especially to take orders.

She loves daydreaming and always strives to live in good conditions. They are very moving.It is a good friend and a very good partner. She can think fast and act fast. The female of the Gemini has a wide circle of friends because she doesn't like to be alone.

General Features of Gemini

Gemini men are intelligent, gentle, beautiful, extremely curious and effective speaking and attractive structure attracts attention. It is practical and has a structure that can easily produce solutions to problems.

Gemini men are also Gemini as Gemini and Gemini and sometimes it can be difficult to understand. It has a structure that is constantly waiting for attention with its childish attitudes. He definitely wants to do what he thinks. On the other hand, Gemini who are fond of freedom do not like to be restricted and take orders. She always enjoys doing her job.

The man of Gemini is doubly talented. It has a structure that makes it easy to communicate and listen to people. It is immediately noticed by the opposite sex. He enjoys producing new ideas and new projects on business matters. He can produce instant solutions with his practical intelligence. It is also variable in material matters. Sometimes it is very generous, sometimes too stingy. There is a problem of not being deepened in a subject.

Gemini man loves extravagance and is not very successful in money issues. She is not emotionally over-sensitive and loves to look at the work as much as possible. She likes to be productive at work.

Gemini male does not like a multidisciplinary home life, but if he loves to marry to continue this marriage can spend effort.

Character Features

The Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, symbolizes the third stage of the place and evolution of the individual in the universe. The basic impulse of Gemini is to develop the necessary intellectual power to understand the universe. Gemini is a structure that constantly collects information and tries to reach a conclusion by evaluating the information it collects. The basic need of the Gemini is to exchange ideas, to share the knowledge with other people. Being well aware of their needs and knowing their needs, Gemini becomes a careful researcher and develops an academic style. The ones who are delayed in developing their awareness tend to be more gossiping and to be satisfied with superficial information.

Gemini can adapt to changes at any time. This can be considered as an added feature to facilitate life, or as a negative feature that can be addressed as a clearness to the effects of other people. The ability of the Gemini to imitate the thoughts of other people is also very advanced. This ability plays an important role in the elimination of Gemini from many difficult situations. However, other people's ability to easily adapt to their situation may cause them to forget the need to act in accordance with their abilities and needs. There are also tendencies to say that other people want to hear, rather than real or real thoughts.

Gemini reacts in an intellectual platform against the upright with experience in life. Without going through physical action on a subject, evaluating its practical side and analyzing its true emotions, it tends to analyze everything at the mental level. This feature makes Gemini think that it has an emotionless or superficial feeling world. Mercury, which symbolizes communication and intellectual, is the ruling planet of Gemini. Under the influence of Mercury, Gemini exhibits a character that is both talkative, perceptive and curious. Under the influence of Mercury, which symbolizes youth, Gemini, which is constantly in motion, often appears much smaller than their age. Another reason why they look young is that they are very successful in adapting to the world, to innovations, to the era. Its natural versatility and changing interests give Gemini a multi-character character. It is the basic need of the Gemini to concentrate on what they do and to learn how to start and finish one by one, and to be productive.

Easily skipping from topic to subject leads to clutter and energy waste. The people around him need to make special efforts to keep up with the Gemini in terms of speed and time. The Gemini who can't listen can never stop until they start talking, the first time they breathe. Although he wants to keep a secret about his own life, his wishes, his thoughts and actions, he does his best to learn the mysteries of others. It has a structure that is very easily communicated with people, friendly, loves social life and socially sought.

Career Life

Gemini is extremely talented in communication and transmission. However, those who have difficulty in concentration, who want to do many things at once, and who get bored very quickly, they experience problems that are the extension of these characteristics in business life. The Gemini who are very active, restless and easily adaptable, will have great successes in areas that require mobility, in different areas, rather than routine work.

His success in human relations leads Gemini to assume a natural mediator role in the business world. It would be useful for Gemini, who usually struggles to finish what he has started enthusiastically, in order to be more successful.

The ambition of leadership is not intense, Gemini loves to enrich and improve their colleagues by teaching them what they know. He accepts new ideas, developments and projects with joy and enthusiasm. It is also possible for Gemini, who think very fast, to implement the project quickly, because other people cannot keep up with it.

The office of the Gemini is similar to a communication base, equipped with a pair of communal vehicles. Books, newspapers, magazines are waiting to be read.

Gemini is highly successful in business life, education, communication and media, and public relations. Gemini, whose scolastic side is quite strong, can reach very advanced levels in teachers, trainers and researchers. Authorship and librarianship are also suitable for Gemini.

Money Status

Gemini, like in other areas of life, doesn't like to plan for long thinking about money. However, the ability to easily adapt to changing financial situations is the advantage because it has a high adaptability and tolerance. In other words, changes in financial capabilities do not cause Gemini to be seriously affected. In fact, Gemini, who is good at numbers, can control his budget very well if he wants.

Thinking about what meaning money has in your life, and then determining its relationship with money will create better results for Gemini. Like the ever-changing thoughts, the Gemini's relations with money also change over time. Sometimes the money he sees as a means of power can sometimes be a safety instrument in his life. In order to be able to satisfy the needs of the variable, there are fluctuations in the budget of Gemini, which is able to enter sudden spending. However, it is the most important factor in navigating the endpoints, especially after spending time. Setting a goal that is of vital importance, which it really believes in will play an important and beneficial role in Gemini's ability to invest and accumulate.

Another factor that motivates the Gemini to save money and invest is the interest in innovation. When Gemini realizes the need for an ongoing change in life, it becomes aware of the need for money in order to realize these changes and begins to accumulate and strive to make more money.

Gemini, which has the innate ability to trade, can earn good money especially in this field. Because they can follow the new trends very well, Gemini is successful with forward-looking commercial planning and commercial strategies in this direction. It is a very simple way for Gemini to make a living or even gain savings from trading through commercial intelligence. Gemini, which has an experimental side, does not hesitate to use different investment tools. Due to her interest in innovation and diversity, she is also capable of following and changing all sorts of changes in the financial field.

Love Life

You should always keep in mind that Gemini are double characters. While one side of the Gemini needs love and security, the other side strongly needs innovation and change. In order to maintain a relationship with Gemini, it is necessary to fully satisfy His emotional, mental and sexual needs. She loves to laugh, have fun, travel and experience new things.

Although he knows a lot of things, he always gets interested in learning about new topics. To draw the attention of a Gemini, it can be a smart way to engage in a deep discussion on any subject. Gemini values ​​honesty and sincerity. Therefore, even if the other person does not agree, he likes and appreciates those who say their true ideas and do not act. In addition, not to be connected to a single issue, to find interesting new topics, can be used as a useful method of gaining the appreciation of Gemini. Gemini is extremely social and energetic. Because Gemini use words like weapons, they may have problems from time to time to communicate with overly emotional people.

Gemini are jealous in love, but they have a structure that does not like to express. It would never be right to use suspicious or jealous methods. If Gemini sees the other as a satisfying and loyal wife, he will do his best to respond in the same way.

Sex & Sexual Life

The Gemini, which has a multifaceted character, makes it feel as though it is happening with someone else. Gemini are very successful in human relations, and although they can easily make friends, they escape from the constant ones of private relations. They are looking for different experiences with different people. Therefore, different behaviors are required to satisfy a Gemini partner sexually.

Gemini is very prone to single-night loves because it has an experimental nature and is bored with tall plans. She cannot restrain herself, she cannot and won't let another person control her.

In fact, the sexual activity of Gemini is not the force of its impulses but its curiosity.

Like many other activities, sexuality can be abandoned in the midst of feeling distressed without any explanation. Or because he doesn't like to deal with a single task, he doesn't hesitate to engage himself in other things while having sexuality. Because his concentration is quickly dispersed, he may be completely out of sharing.

Gemini who are very talkative and want to tell something continuously, do not stop even when sexuality is experienced. Gemini is a lot of things that are relevant or unrelated to the subject. Gemini, which symbolizes hands, is extremely talented in using these organs.

Health Life

The air group and the Gemini in Variable are the third sign in the Zodiac. Motion, elasticity and adaptation are key words for Gemini. In the body, the nervous system, which provides sensitivity and flexibility to the body when communicating, is related to Gemini. It also helps the lungs to get the water they need from the air and provide oxygen through breathing.

Because Gemini are very open to the stimuli of the outside world and their perceptions are stronger than other people, sensitivity in the nervous system is intense. In the Gemini, the respiratory system, nervous system, hands, arms, collar bones on the ribs are in the foreground.

Movable structure, easily adaptation to any environment, usually helps to strengthen the physical health. But it is true that there may be some weaknesses of Gemini like every human being. Neurological disorders, sudden decrease in physical energy, respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis are the most common among them.

The Gemini need to be careful, especially in human relations, to make small debates, not to cause big disagreements, and not to wear out the nervous system. Gemini, which is prone to being active at all times, needs a systemic and healthy breathing and requires long and rhythmic strolls in the open air. Diversity needs will certainly manifest itself in food. However, it should pay attention to giving special importance to cereals and foods that will strengthen their nerves.

There must be mercury on the Gemini or at home, stones like yellow topaz, agate, and spirituality for the serenity.

Growing in sandy, barren areas, home-grown medicines and teas with a variety of colors of flowers, such as dill, dill, fennel, lavender, and teas, help strengthen the nervous system of Gemini.

Orange, orange, very pale blue clothing will give the Gemini both auspicious and calm.

Because the Gemini have an active and energetic structure, besides all sorts of physical activity, intelligence games also provide satisfaction. But cycling, driving, stepping are the most important sports for Gemini.

Diet & Fitness

As can be seen from its moving structure, the metabolism rate of Gemini is quite high. Easy adaptations to spontaneous living are the biggest advantages. But Gemini usually develops poor eating habits. It is fed intensively with ready-to-eat foods and fast-food as it neglects to keep the necessary materials at home or is in search of change.

Always loving to do more than one thing together, the Gemini also watches television or read books while eating, so it doesn't matter what you eat. Although it has a fine structure, Gemini gains weight because of this habit. The weakness of Gemini does not mean that they are healthy. More fresh food consumption will both strengthen the nervous system and lead to better physical health.

One of the causes of fat obesity is the habit of eating fast or eating fast. This habit causes tiredness of the digestive system, but also pounds. Snacks and different culinary curiosity can also be listed among the other main reasons.

Because the lungs and the upper part of the body are delicate areas in the Gemini, they need to be improved. Aerobics and jogging will be the most appropriate sports. Gemini loves speed, active sports. However, considering the weakness of the respiratory system, sweating should be considered.

Gemini who are psychosomatically prone to physical disorders should give importance to a food regimen that contains B vitamins to strengthen the nervous system.

Alternative techniques include group activities to relax the Gemini. In particular, psychodrama will help you to have fun, to relax while having fun and to get to know yourself.

Calorie counting is not something that a Gemini can tolerate. The only food regime can also become a punishment for Gemini. Thus, having a variety of combinations will be prepared as quickly as possible, but a regimen with different foods every day will help the Gemini lose weight. Besides, it is a basic requirement that the food regime should not have any problems in the social and professional life of Gemini.

Gift Selection

Women of Gemini

The Gemini woman has the trick you need to know to get the gift right. The woman of Gemini is in need of communication, you can give her a stylish set of paper-pens with a stylish pen or initials. She likes to keep in touch with people like mobile phones, fax machines.

Gemini likes to change, he often wants to change his own image. You can get him a small belt with a silver belt, a small leather backpack. He may need a new suitcase for traveling. A wheeled suitcase or a stylish bag for weekend trips will also help.

Because a woman likes to do a few things at the same time, the Gemini woman can give them a radio mp3 player, radio that she can listen to while she is working. He will love the battery-powered tiny reading lamp so he can read his book at night or while sleeping. Gemini who love to write will be very happy with a logbook that has lock and key. The Man of Gemini

Gemini men have the trick to know the gift to get the right gift. The two men love to read the book, you can give him a lot of new books as a gift. Gemini can get a toiletry bag in the bag or leather because it is a travel sign. He'il be mad at his plane ticket somewhere.

It is a lot of fun for him to send or receive e-mails, you can pay him an annual subscription to the Internet. Gemini loves tiny accessories that work. A wide-angle rear-view mirror for its car or a container holder for its beverage. The new voice recorder will make your daily life easier to record instead of writing down things you shouldn't forget.

A barometer / thermometer predicting weather will help how to dress, Gemini are mostly out. Likewise, a stainless steel thermos for hot and cold drinks will delight someone who is on the road all the time.

Gemini loves learning new things, going to courses and classes. You can find courses to improve billiards or to enhance your knowledge of wine.