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Pisces Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Neptune

Element: Water

Quality: Variable

Numbers: 2, 6

Day: Friday

Color: Turquoise, Nile Green

Tarot card: Month

Animal: Fish

Plant: Fig, Willow, Water Lily, Fulya

Precious Metals: Platinum

Positive sides:

Modest. Compassionate. Sympathetic. Sensitive. It could be adapted. Effective. Understanding. Kind. Sentient. Colorful dreams. Deep emotions. Affection. Merciful. Successful in fine arts. Bona fide. Helpful.


Uncertainty. Negligence. Privacy. Easy to disintegrate. Weak desires. Instability. He's not a combatant. Pessimistic. Shy. Squeamish.

Pisces Team Star (Astronomy)

The band of stars in the first dean of the Pisces constellation is known as the Band. The second dean is Cepheus, sitting with a strong expression, holding a kingdom scepter in one hand, and grabbing the Band with his other hand. The star on the right shoulder of Cepheus is Al Deramin in his belt, Al Phirk in his belt, and the Shepherd or Shepherd Star in his left. The last decan in the north is located in the beautiful Andromeda with broken chains.

General Features of Pisces Woman

Pisces woman attracts attention with her ambitious, charming, sympathetic and good-natured manner. It is emotional and romantic. Evcimen and the house has a structure. She feels peaceful and comfortable in her home.

Pisces woman's intuition is strong. She loves everything beautiful and is very fond of herself. She is proud of herself and takes great care in the community. She is thin and very fond of art.

It has a jealous structure and wants to be the best on everything. He wants to reach everything he wants and he does his best to do it. He draws attention with his cheerful and moving attitude. It attaches importance to being well-groomed and dressed.

Pisces woman draws an attractive woman type with an attractive and pleasant temperament. Beautiful and elegant. He attaches importance to love and has deep feelings of emotion. He always wants to reach his dream. Love will be a loyal and passionate lover if he believes he is loved. The love is everything for him. He is too sacrificed in his affair.

Pisces woman owns the man he loves and jealous.It is prone to marriage. He depends on his children and his wife.

General Features of Male Pisces

Pisces is attracted by gentle, harmonious, optimistic and dreamer structure. His indifferent behavior causes him not to be affected. He doesn't like order and responsibility. He likes to live by command.

Pisces is successful thanks to the practicality of the male business. It is not artistic. It trusts people easily.

Pisces falls in love with the women he admires. He has a sense of emotion and emotion. He will resort to various games of romance to make the woman he loves happy. The artist is soulful and gives great importance to beauty. Love is very important to her. If he believes he has found the person he seeks, he will become a loyal wife or he will continue to pursue various adventures.

The Pisces man is married to someone who understands his personality and deep feelings, and is happy until the end of his life. He will be devoted, faithful and considerate to his wife and children.

Character Features

Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is the final step in the adventure and personal development of human beings in the universe. The aim is to ensure that the human species achieves individual and social excellence by making use of everything learned and assimilated to this stage. This desire for excellence is desired for the human species on a much wider platform than the individual level. Not all Pisces have this broader purpose, but at least on a personal level. Pisces, whose imagination and idealization are very high, are forced in relationships and situations with people who are not compatible with their own motifs. This is not because he can't see the truth, but because he just can't accept it. Since he prefers to live in a system of ideals far away from the real world, he has a high tendency towards philosophical disciplines and religion.

Like all of the variable bushes, the last one, Pisces, is easy to adapt to change. But more than all the Variable signs, it ignores its own needs, its own reality, its steps in its development, and even its ignorance. This mechanism is the biggest disadvantage of Pisces. This flexibility, on the other hand, is the source of a personal power, the ability to influence people and make people love themselves. Like the two-way Pisces, has to be strong, to take responsibility for his life, or to choose between himself and the universe, the flow of life.

Emotional reactions are the most prominent starting point for Pisces. Only after completing its emotional deliberation, the Pisces moves on to physical action, dealing with the practical side of the work and analyzing it in the mental dimension. Although he has a shy appearance, Pisces is not afraid to play with rules. The result of his intuitive nature is generally true with his contributions. It is very difficult to use the logic filter for Pisces which is prone to move with emotions. Therefore, the control mechanism for developing dependency against anything is also weak. In order to protect the emotional balance, it is the basic necessity for the Pisces to be left alone, to self-renew and renew, or to use alternative techniques. Especially in a water environment, in the water or at least to hear the sound of water in this context, brings positive effects.

Pisces, thought to be directed by Neptune who was identified with spirituality and tenderness in our age, was ruled by Jupiter in the ancient world of wisdom and understanding. These two planets, which are responsible for similar qualities, also have an effect on Pisces personality. Pisces has an idealistic, sensitive and self-sacrificing character. Shyness, shyness, not being able to highlight the ego are among the typical Pisces characteristics. His connection with Neptune is an indication that Pisces can follow a complex process of development throughout his life. Most of the Pisces are not organized, scattered, disturbed concentration and tend to move slowly. Their personal habits are usually indexed by the emotional reaction they give to their environment. Unlimited imagination, the ability to image, successful writer, storyteller or pathological level causes the liar. The ability to comprehend the abstract is the main reason for Pisces to achieve serious success in theoretical and religious matters.

Career Life

Emotional and loves to live in his own world Pisces, in fact, does not like working. However, a very helpful, easy-to-manage structure plays an important role in the business environment. Because the intuition is very strong, it easily learns without knowing it, and, under the guidance of this ability, it automatically does what needs to be done. Specifically, creativity and imaginative subjects are among the professional fields where Pisces can be successful.

Pisces, which are water elements, have a more intense emotionality than other signs. Thinking thin, loving people with the structure of the Pisces also expects the same thing from the opposite, is very difficult in professional life.

Pisces doing his best to achieve what he idealized, in difficult situations, in the face of failure, the reality of life can be solved by completely closing itself. Pisces, who has a strong artistic aspect, plays an important role in using creativity and performing works that can feel free. The performance in areas based on human relationships also increases considerably. The empathy mechanism, which he does not hesitate to use in his professional life, can be abused.

Pisces's office usually consists of dark colors and heavy fabrics such as velvet. Any object reminiscent of the sea and love can be found in Pisces office. The biggest disadvantage of Pisces, which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere, is to dive into this place.

The loving Pisces, who has a great admiration for creation, is miraculously skilled in the field of veterinary medicine. Apart from this, dance and music are the areas that Pisces can do as a profession. Psychological counseling, psychology, psychiatry are also suitable for Pisces because they are tolerant and tolerant to human. In addition, the services provided by the hospitals in nursing homes provide the greatest satisfaction.

Money Status

The zodiac's known as anti-materialist Pisces may be unaware of the existence of money. Pisces, who easily diverges from the realities and requirements of life, is surprised to find that he needs the power of money to sustain his life. In order to regulate the relationship between the Pisces and the matter, it is necessary for the parents to provide serious education from an early age. In future, Pisces needs professional assistance in its investments.

Pisces directed by Neptune, symbolizing spirituality and non-negativity, has developed an emotional and sensitive way of dealing with other people's needs. The empathy mechanism is so advanced that it can even give its last source to the opposite man, in order to continue his life. Thus Pisces, as a source of spiritual energy for people, also become a source of material energy. Therefore, it is necessary to work on Pisces control mechanisms in order to be able to determine the boundaries and to stop.

If the Pisces actually do the work that he likes, he can earn quite a lot of money because he gives the right. Pisces, Leo and Libra, which have a strong understanding of art and intuition, also provide a premium for their investments in art.

Love Life

Pisces is fascinating at first sight. Pisces people are usually very polite and gentle style. In fact, he lives in a world of romance and dream. Besides their sensitive, mysterious features, their psychic abilities also play an important role in their lives. It has a structure that is easily prone to love and love. Pisces can experience many love affairs until you find the right person. For a constant relationship, it needs to find the emotional needs and to feel safe.

Pisces people who can easily adapt to all kinds of people and the environment are really attractive.

To win the hearts of a Pisces man, to compliment your outward appearance, or to appreciate something he does is the right beginning. If Pisces is approached with thoughtful, gentle, affectionate attitudes, he will give incredible love and loyalty in return. If Pisces sees critical approaches and disloyalty in relationship, it cannot tolerate, it is damaged and destroyed. As the Pisces loves people, they are capable of doing everything they can. Once he loves it, he can spend all his time, energy and resources for the sake of this man.

Pisces loves art and mutual communication. Interest in mysticism, supernatural, marine and fine arts are among the subjects. Members of this sensitive sign do not like being rejected or completely ignored. Pisces people, who are quite a good listener, are also masters of empathy for others.

When the Pisces find the loving, loyal and compassionate wife she seeks, nothing else can return her love. He accepts everything that his wife chooses and loves, and every decision he makes. Pisces person, who is a romantic and emotional lover, can do anything to meet the needs of his beloved ones.

Sex & Sexual Life

For Pisces living with emotions, sexuality is another dimension of sentimentality. Because her instincts and intuitions are at the forefront, she knows her own charm very well, and she very well estimates who might want her or who can be rejected by her. It is a deep emotional sharing that he actually wants to achieve. She tends to use her sexuality and bodily appeal to get it. His mysterious appearance is always a master of the opposite sex, becoming the focus of attention.

The Pisces man, led by Neptune, who is a planet of chaos and chaos, sometimes cannot distinguish between which emotions it is. Even if he acts with a purely sexual urge, he can insist that it is a deep sensuality. When he starts to understand and recognize himself, he will be able to accept and live his sexuality more comfortably.

The rich dream world, aesthetic sensibility and advanced senses can make Pisces a machine of fantasy production. Especially if she has a partner with whom she shares emotionally, she takes on the leading role of these fantasies.

Pisces empathy mechanism and sensitivity to people is very developed. So even when he is not willing, he does not know how to say no to his partner. Sexuality can become an activity in the hegemony of a single party, as it accepts its own wishes and desires and merit. Foot fetishism is most common in Pisces.

Health Life

The last sign of the zodiac is the Pisces of Variable nature in the Water element. Affection, compassion and grace The most basic characteristics of Pisces. Since Pisces is the last horoscope, it contains many features.

Pisces body is the most sensitive areas are feet and toes. In the body, the lymphatic system, all endpoints (eg, fingertips, tip of the nose, ear tips, etc.) are under the management of Pisces.

Diseases caused by deformation of the feet, skewers (bunions) in fingers, gout, softening of some fluids, lung and bone problems, are more likely to Pisces.

Poisoning due to the use of all kinds of drugs and chemicals, alcohol and other substances as a result of the stress of the nervous and emotional stress easily develop Pisces people are common. Pisces self-renewal and struggle system may be weak, hygiene, nutrition and other health rules, it is important to pay more attention than other signs. The tendency to use excess fluid may cause edema especially in women.

Emotional sensitivity and the sensitivity of other people's experiences may cause the Pisces nervous system to wear out easily and cause psychosomatic diseases to appear.

Pisces can be included in all kinds of natural food easily into the diet, a special place to give the sea products will benefit. Whenever possible, avoiding synthetic foods and additives is important for the protection of health.

Jewelery made from semi-precious stones such as amethyst, opal, ivory, coral and ornaments in the house bring peace and health to Pisces.

Orchids, lilacs, water lilies, pansies, pansies are among the auspicious plants of Pisces. Made of all shades of blue, light clothes are very good for Pisces. It is important for Pisces to choose the shoes which are produced from natural materials and do not deform their feet by showing maximum attention to their feet.

All kinds of sea sports, sailing, swimming, water polo can be very successful branches. However, alternative techniques such as meditation, visualization or yoga will also give Pisces its spiritual serenity.

Diet & Fitness

Pisces tendency to move away from reality, prefer to remain immobile in its own world is very slow metabolism. Pisces, which is very fond of beauties and has an advanced aesthetic sensibility, can even ignore the necessity and weakness of the modern world. It is so intertwined with the world of souls, it is possible that he sometimes forgets a body.

Pisces problem usually manifests itself as weakness rather than obesity, and it derives its source from the habit of not being fed. If he imagines himself in form and likes it, maybe he can make some effort to get in shape. Exercise is not a vital requirement for Pisces, like many other things. If the Pisces decides to exercise, to move, there is definitely an emotional reason behind it.

Some of the Pisces, emotional problems, depressive states to eat by trying to remove. Emotional emptiness, the senses from the senses received from the taste of the Pisces who takes the weight of the late notice. Dancing is a highly appropriate physical activity for Pisces. It is satisfying to act in harmony with universal language such as music.

Apart from this, all kinds of water activity, sailing, swimming, diving, surfing is also done by the love of the Pisces, self-merged with the universe sports. Pisces, which has a very empowering mechanism of empathy, needs loneliness to renew itself. Meditative techniques such as yoga will help you relax both physically and physically. Like Cancer, Pisces is also prone to payment. Therefore, sufficient liquid consumption and control of the salt taken is important for the Pisces.

Hydrotherapy, water cures, spas are the best supportive and therapeutic alternative to Pisces. Baths taken in the spring and thermal waters will help to reduce weight problems.

Pisces does not have the will and concentration power to maintain a certain diet. Especially if it is disappointing, it is not even possible to do a second time diet. In this context, Pisces emotion is far ahead of itself to keep himself emotionally excited, for example, constantly falling in love will help to maintain bodily form. Using massage and aromatic oils is also an effective way to provide the perfect image for the Pisces.

Gift Selection

Pisces Woman

You can present classic love poems, love novels, books of philosophy, photography or art to the Pisces woman. You can fascinate her with tickets to the ballet show.

Pamper him with a snow-white silk nightgown, pajamas and dressing gowns. You can buy lacy underwear or suit in pastel tones. His favorite color is violet, violet. You can give her this amethyst gemstone jewelry of color. Romantic Pisces woman loves scented candles. You can buy the perfume bath soap, body lotion and gift it with the best quality bath towels you can find. A nice silver picture frame will be a good choice for the person to love to put his / her picture on the bedside.

Pisces represents dreams and sleep and you can get top quality goose feather pillows. There may be goose down quilts or sheets. You can choose new-age music cassettes or CDs to relax it. You can give him a new camera, a polaroid camera or a video camera.

Pisces Man

The Pisces man is highly creative, sensitive and sensitive. If you are interested in topics such as meditation and yoga, you will find courses. You can take a black-and-white photo from a good photographer, or you can frame a photo you like and gift it. You can surprise him by taking a new camera.

You can buy an aquarium full of fish. You can give a quality bathrobe and a mirror that can't be steamed in the shower. You can go on holiday to a quiet town by the sea. A handmade wooden ship, sailboat model will like it. You can subscribe to a sports club with a large swimming pool. Choose the most popular nightclub and go dancing. Get him a pair of sneakers. (Pisces represents the feet.) Pisces are very fond of music and many of them play a musical instrument. You can save the money and get the musical instrument that he dreamed of.