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Taurus Sign Features

General Features

Executive Planet: Venus

Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Lucky Numbers: 6, 4

Day: Friday

Color: Pastel Blue, Lilac

Tarot card: Empress

Animal: Taurus

Plant: Apple, Cypress, Violet, Poppy

Precious Metals: Copper

Positive sides:

Practical, trustworthy. Harmonious, enduring, strong value judgments. Determined. He is fond of art and beauty. Friendly and friendly. Emotional, humane.


Lazy. Self-indulgent. Static. Boring. Stubborn. Squeamish. Obsessive. Quick, give up.

Taurus Team Star (Astronomy)

First constellation of the Taurus constellation is the constellation Orion. In addition to Amos and Homer in the south of the ecliptic, there are Rigel and Bellatrix stars. The second dean has the Eridonus team star, while the last decanter is Auriga, which is associated with the bastion.

General Characteristics of Taurus Woman

Taurus woman attracts attention with her silent, calm and proud attitude. It has a realistic and authoritarian attitude. It succeeds to be the focus of interest with its attitudes and attitudes. He is ambitious and does his best to reach something he dreams of. It depends on your habits.

The Taurus woman is emotionally quite sensitive and fragile. He always does his best when he cares for someone. Looks cold from the outside but soft heart. she is hardworking and takes the job to the end when she starts a job.

Taurus woman attaches great importance to material comfort. But she doesn't like to risk taking too much for what she's doing. Love and respect for him are very important in relations. He is monogamous and a loyal wife. In his free time, he likes to cook, to listen to music and to craft handicrafts.

Taurus woman is fond of his home.

General Characteristics of Taurus Male

Taurus stubborn man, stubborn, hard-working, moving and calm structure is remarkable. When he is angry he becomes very stubborn and in no way compromises his thoughts and ideas.

The Taurus male is tied to his house and is a harmonious companion. He also has a warm bond with his children and is a good father. He is so hard and disciplined. He is very fond of his affairs. It continues a job that it has started to the end.

Physically structured and healthy appearance, but the neck region is the weakest region. He should be careful about his health. Because he's more sensitive than he looks.

Taurus male is quite admired by the opposite sex. She is faithful in her relationships and altruistic in every sense. Enjoys the luxury and comfort. He's generous, but he's not wasteful. The most loyal friends come out of the Taurus.

Character Features

Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, is the second stage of human evolution and its place in the universe. It is the physical senses that people use the most. Everything he touches, physically contacts, can also help him understand and understand his reality. Therefore Taurus is very dependent on physical resources and the people he thinks he owns. The strongest desire of Taurus is personal safety. Any unsubstantiated words or betrayal will cause this confidence to be easily shaken. In these situations, the Taurus shows violent reactions and refuses to give one another chance.

The behavior of a disappointed Taurus is quite different from its normal state. He pulls his hand away from the Earth or, on the contrary, begins to act with the belief that "the nail removes the nail". Whichever way he goes, the result is a sacrifice that is important to Taurus, or the sacrifice of emotional trust that is essential.

Taurus is particularly resistant to the changes that it does not want. The people of Taurus usually finish what they started in their lives. Folding the difficult conditions that many people cannot withstand are among the main features of patience and fortitude. Taurus, the symbol of the zodiac, is the true source of this persistence and even stubbornness. On the positive side, the strength and determination of Taurus enable other people to trust in Him. Taurus does not like to live his life based on another human being, he wants to trust and believe in himself. The loving and patient Taurus is much more fortunate and resilient when dealing with the people he cares about, or in a matter of importance. In general, he does not like spontaneous changes and surprises. She feels much more comfortable when she has the opportunity to do what she is planning to do or is given time to prepare. Adjusts the Taurus reactions according to the practical value of what they are experiencing. Before he goes into physical action, he emotionally weighs himself and tries to determine if he can gain from experience before evaluating it intellectually.

Venus rules the Taurus and the planet of beauty and love and art. Under the influence of this planet, Taurus man exhibits a sensitive, sensitive, comfortable character that is sensitive to physical pleasures and has a strong aesthetic value. There are also pragmatic approaches in financial matters as well as aesthetic beauty. The reality and accuracy of human signs are evaluated by the success and benefits of human actions. She loves nature and everything that is natural. The balance of life in the material is indexed to the world and realities. His passion for personal tastes and comfort also brings laziness and inertia. A careful structure, Taurus can cope with mistakes as well as being able to catch valuable opportunities.

Career Life

Taurus is a trustworthy, loyal and easy to negotiate employee.

The biggest problem of the Taurus is about taking action. The feeling of blockage that he felt when he started could occasionally lead to disturbing dimensions. But he is the only sign that can finish any work he has started, even with the most difficult conditions, with fortitude and patience. When he's locked in his sight, he sees nothing else.

Strong aesthetic judgment, even in business life, artistic creativity and value judgments do not hesitate to use. The behavior of Taurus in business life, which is stable and what to do, whose reactions can be easily predicted and measured, is manifested as an extension of these characteristics. Because of being a fixed horoscope, it can be difficult to keep up with technological and sociological innovations, especially in later ages. Although it is usually calm and peaceful, when the vein is pressed or when it comes to the end of its patience, it is appropriate to wait for the normal reaction of the patient with severe reactions.

Taurus office is like a reception hall full of comfortable, luxurious objects, where guests are definitely served with food and drink.

Taurus, who is very skilled especially in financial matters, succeeds in every profession of banking and finance world and works fondly. Apart from this, antiquity that buys and sells valuable objects, fashion and beauty industry that requires aesthetic sensibility, jewelry and sarrafli related to precious stones and mines, and professions such as sculpture that require the ability to form are among the leading choices of the Taurus.

Money Status

Known for its banker archetype in the zodiac, Taurus is very cautious, patient, and planned in financial matters. He is known for his success in identifying and providing the necessary resources to continue the life of the individual within all signs. As a sign of the soil group, because it is prone to production, the ability to earn money and to sustain life is improved. Taurus, which does not accumulate, will feel insecure, and may experience mental and physical health problems first. Taurus does not like to borrow, he is also bothered to be asked to borrow. It creates and makes use of different resources in order to stand without anyone needing. No matter how much money a Taurus wins, he identifies with his own material resources but doesn't like showing off.

Before investing, Taurus definitely researches and finds the most suitable system for him, which will be safe and profitable first. In the financial sense, he never wants to feel the future anxiety in his life. Investments are not just for money. Under the influence of Venus, which symbolizes art and beauty, antiques and valuable works of art are among the instruments of investment. Real estate and land deemed suitable by Taurus, are not afraid to invest. The stock market is an area that Taurus wants to avoid because it carries a risk.

Taurus can start spending money after securing the people and the future of the responsibility. Because of its beauty, good clothes, a safe car, a luxurious and beautifully furnished house are the most important spending items for Taurus. His passion for food and luxury is one of the reasons why he allocates a budget for good food in expensive restaurants. Fond of its comfort and beauty, Taurus does not hesitate to spend money in beauty and care centers. Although it is generally known as anonymous, spending money for their loved ones is one of Taurus's means of satisfaction. Moreover, even if he does not like to share one hundred percent of his own resources, he does not hesitate to help the people around him in a philosophical and physical dimension.

Love Life

It may take a long time for the man to stand up to him even if he is interested in the Taurus. Taurus are very patient people. To be with Him, you need to learn to be patient and calm. The relationship with the Taurus should be the genellikle counterpart k, which will usually use the initiative.

In order to be able to initiate a Taurus unity, he expects the other person to express his pleasure to be with Him. The appointment in a restaurant, the pleasant environment and the food, the first stage plays an important role in the easy and positive. Fine dining, precious objects, flowers and candles, and romantic music will make the Taurus deeply affected. Taurus, fond of luxury and material values, becomes convinced of a long-term relationship when he feels that nothing is actually worthy of him.

With its strong will and its hidden humor, Taurus has a human-like structure. However, uncertainties and sudden changes in mood cause the relationship to suffer.

It is a partner who will never doubt the loyalty and loyalty of the Taurus. Taurus is one of the rare signs that can keep his love in his heart and mind and keep his love as fresh as the first day. The Taurus is actually very ambitious and emotional, and can live with people who value it.

Sex & Sexual Life

Under the influence of Venus, the ruling planet Taurus is prone to birth, sexuality and eroticism. The Taurus has a passionate, passionate and active sexuality that can never be understood from its appearance. However, as in all areas of life, it is not possible to act easily in this area. It begins to reveal its passions, wishes, and desires from its partner after it has received the trust it needs from its partner.

Taurus is resistant to change, has a constant structure. This does not mean that he likes routine in sexuality and does not go beyond the rules. However, for the new to be experienced, it is the primary condition to rely on the person to be together. Nevertheless, it is very possible to see the Taurus who are stuck in their sexual instincts and need to be stuck in their sexual urges.

Taurus against the desire, open to a desire to be clear that the structure is. However, in accordance with its own rules, it does not leave behind its appeal, attractiveness and love games. It has a structure that prefers to go step by step in a planned, strategic way but with great pleasure.

Since Taurus are very patient, after they are locked to the target, they try all the ways, everything possible to achieve a long time. Affected by material comfort and comfort itself, Taurus travels at the height of its aesthetic sensibility to achieve the person he wants.

Taurus is usually a sensitive lover. He thinks of the other person and does his best for his happiness. Nevertheless, it is a mistake to expect a marginal, different approach from a Taurus. Getting away from the security of denial is hard for Taurus, even in sexuality.

Health Life

The second sign of the zodiac belt, the Soil group and the hard Taurus are generally recognized in relation to the matter and what they have. Sukunet and stability are the key words of the character that Taurus has brought to the individual. The Taurus is related to the body region, the neck, which follows the head. Basically, this horoscope is dominated by the human body, throat, neck, thyroid gland, pharynx, tonsils, upper part of the esophagus, vocal cords, ears and eustachian tubes.

The Taurus often complains of swelling of its tonsils or angiosis. The most prone diseases are sore throat, pertussis, mumps, goitre, abscesses and boils. As a result of the peaceful and heavy moving structure of Taurus, there is generally no great tendency towards bodily accidents. However, it is necessary to protect the neck bones especially and to take precautions against all kinds of rheumatic diseases from an early age.

The uneasiness in Taurus's life and the deterioration of its balance affect the physical and mental health severely.

The Taurus usually has a tendency to gain weight very quickly. This is due to both being an Earth-Fixed bushing and being less mobile than other bushes. In order to maintain physical health and physical beauty, he / she should spend very intensive attention to nutrition compared to all other signs. So, as the food regimen will be considered a requirement in daily life, it is imperative that bodily exercise is at an average level.

Often Taurus also experience digestive system problems, such as constipation and hemorrhoids. For this, a nutrient-rich diet equipped with bivalves and cereals, which would make the digestive system active, would benefit.

Copper articles that Taurus will hold in his home will bring health and good luck to emerald, coral and mossy agate stones. It brings calmness and physical health. Having a wardrobe made of natural materials such as green, brown, linen, cotton and wool, including colors in nature, makes Taurus happy and healthy. The Taurus must also pay attention to the glands and the sexual organs with the effect of the opposite sign Scorpio.

Diet & Fitness

Taurus has the slowest metabolic rate among all zodiac signs in the Zodiac. Taurus is very advanced senses, good food, touching, refined fragrances, beautiful music and sexy likes. Because he is very fond of his comfort and his personal comfort, he does his best to arrange the living conditions accordingly. The body structure of Taurus is also more suitable for inactivity. When all this is added to the dessert of sweet food, it is inevitable that the Taurus has a weight problem that must be worked on throughout its life.

It can help the Taurus, whose senses are sensitive, to prepare its own conditions for self-introduction into a regular exercise program. For example, beautiful exercise clothing, music and sports after a shower exercise with fragrant soaps can be attractive. Entering the sauna and having a massage after the sports is especially useful in the relaxation and willingness of Taurus. Aromatic oils used during massage help Taurus to see these activities as attractive.

For the land and the green-loving Taurus, garden work or outdoor walks are very attractive. The man of the Taurus, led by Venus, who symbolizes every kind of taste, is very difficult to eat himself. So perhaps it is the Taurus sign that makes the most difficult diet among all the signs, and also becomes desperately desperate when there is a heavy metabolic rate. However, the Taurus, which has a persistent and persistent structure, can see that it has begun to lose weight a little. Noting that they eat every meal for a Taurus will help you to make a regular and controlled diet.

Aromatherapy is also an alternative technique. Taurus can relieve himself by boiling grasses, or by preparing various mixtures, in the bathroom, in the massage and by drinking. Taurus periodically removes meat-borne proteins from their diet, and even return to short-term vegetarian feeding, while supporting the diet with mineral water plays an important role in removing the accumulated toxins from the body. The Taurus who cannot give up the meat altogether, if they use their preference for white meat, they will benefit in part.

Gift Selection

Taurus Woman

The woman of Taurus, managed by Venus, never needs perfume, so you can give her a perfume gift. You can get a nice scented body cream and powder set. You can send her a basket of violet or lilacs in a crystal vase. A one-day gift voucher from the beauty salon will delight him.

If you want to buy clothes, you should prefer natural fabrics. White, you can choose a top quality cotton night. Because her skin is so sensitive, you can buy her a black velvet evening dress or a stylish handbag.

At the same time, the soft touch scarf and gloves like cashmere and angora will be very welcome. Taurus represents the height of the human body, you can gift him a pearl necklace. If you want to buy expensive jewelry, the favorite is emerald.

Male of Taurus

The Sensible Taurus man will love a chocolate dipped strawberries or a one-day gift voucher of a luxury hotel's sauna and massage parlor. Classical, jazz, opera or rock music concert tickets for Taurus managed by Venus will be a good gift. You can always please her by taking her to a quality and stylish restaurant she wants to go to.

Taurus people enjoy spending time in his home so you can get him a comfortable television chair. You can get new speakers, video, DVD, CVD, music CDs for your music set. If you are going to buy clothes, you should get the best quality of your money, Taurus attaches great importance to quality. You should choose the softest type that does not smear the fabric.

A nice umbrella large enough for two people. You can gift a bottle of red wine and the imported cheeses in a basket. You can buy plants, trees, garden and garden tools for your work because you like plants.