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19 Feb - 20 Mar
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21 Apr - 20 May

This relationship is a marriage-prone relationship that couples can easily become husband and wife. You will make a quick introduction to cultural activities with the highly social structure of Pisces. Taurus will want to take him to the most expensive restaurants due to his materialistic nature, and will try to make him happy with material happiness by eating different dishes. However, under all of this, you will have laid the foundations of a happy and entertaining and interconnected relationship.

Pisces do not have a constant expectation against the bull. He is not prone to anticipating that he should do it like this, do it like this, if only he did so. In these two relationships, different characters can complement each other and a beautiful love story can begin. Since the ego of the Pisces is quite low, there will be no absurd obsessions. In fact, it will be able to adapt to your personality easily and in a short time.

Although Taurus is a materialist, Pisces does not expect him to earn a lot of money. You will even like to donate your money somewhere, to a charity. The ambition to earn money for a bull man wants a fun man who will spend time happily with her children, and her pisces homeless woman home. Money always remains secondary.

In this relationship, which may result in marriage in the long term, even though it has some shortcomings, couples need to understand their shortcomings a bit. These two bushes, which will be very harmonious in bed, will have a relationship that will cut each other's feet off the ground together.

Zodiac Sign Taurus: Female / Zodiac Sign Pisces: Male

When Taurus woman and Pisces man have an affair, they become a very harmonious couple. Although they have problems in their relationships or friendships, they overcome these problems by trying to solve them together. Thus, they achieve harmony between them. When they reach harmony, nobody can break the bond between them, but they can break this bond when they want. They don't want it either. These associations can result in friendship forever, or they can be a very nice family. As a result of the efforts of all sides, they manage to be a favorite couple, and they are also very successful in family relations.

Zodiac Sign Taurus: Male / Zodiac Sign Pisces: Female

Both friendship and coexistence established by Pisces woman and Taurus men are quite compatible. The results of being successful in how they cope with any problem they encounter are quite high. When these two zodiac signs achieve harmony between them, they become such a beautiful couple that they can even be displayed with a finger. In their two zodiac signs, they enjoy each other's commitment to their home. As a result of this union, they have a very happy marriage when they decide to marry. In their friendship, they become two friends who never lose each other and always place each other in their lives.