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03 August 2021

Daily Scorpio Reviews

You want to unleash your emotional energy. But traces of the past can disturb you. You should try to be more optimistic and realistic against your relationship. You shouldn't overwhelm your mind.

Here you should follow a rational attitude and leave your emotions to the background. Today, you can experience tension in your relations with your environment. This can put you in stress. You may think negatively about your external image and health.

An active day where you can be financially affected by environmental conditions. You can find the courage to take steps on material matters.

You are a day when you have to be careful. Problems that you have tried to ignore may come up again.

Weekly Scorpio Reviews

This week, short and long journeys, cancellations, disruptions and developments that may occur outside of you may be in question. This will be in your favor in a way, you can have your job interviews that you postponed to a later date due to the trips, and you will have the opportunity to reach your requests in a shorter way. You can complete an unfinished job and resolve the problems you have with official offices through your friends.

The most important issue that you should pay attention to this week is that you should not see your collaborations or partnership proposals in your business life by coming back to your old and interested friends. Remember what happened in the past and do not act with well-intentioned thoughts as if the old friend would not be the enemy. It will be beneficial for you to avoid making unfamiliar investments in financial matters.

You can be angry and react seriously to the behaviors that are constantly changing, by being married and having a relationship, by the close circle of your partner and friends. On the other hand, those who are single and unrelated may come together with the person you have a platonic feelings this week as a result of coincidences, and you can experience exciting developments with their close proximity to you.

Monthly Scorpio Reviews

You can make progress in your professional career and receive a job offer in the expected field. However, the location may be too far from where you are now. At this stage, you may have problems with your bosses. However, it is wise not to let your ego and anger rule you.

Salaried employees are likely to be promoted. At this stage, business people may have come to expand their business. This expansion may require you to move to a different location. School and college students may find this month positive. If you want to study abroad, this month can be fruitful for you.

In terms of finance, your spending is likely to exceed your budget. It is recommended that you check your financial situation better. Saving for the future is always a good idea. In addition, those who want to switch between business or industry are advised to proceed confidently to succeed. As for your personal life, you can have small discussions with your partner. However, it is likely not to reach a significant size.