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Horoscope & Astrology
26 February 2020

Daily Pisces Reviews

You display extreme logical movements towards your lover and do not include sentimentality in your relationship. That's why your lover can cool you down.

You are not loved and respected by respect for the people around you. In this way, you have acquired a wide business environment and have taken an important step in your career.

You have given weight to your expenses and you are very careless about it. If that goes on, you may be troubled by the end of the month.

There may be an increase in your communications and you will enjoy it. You will be able to evaluate the opportunities positively.

Weekly Pisces Reviews

You are facing the energies that your intuition is intense and guiding in your perception management this week. Your love and business life are reshaping and your resolute attitude, which comes after difficulties, starts to have a say in all areas of life and make you successful. Planet of communication; Mercury ilgili R ilgili You may experience a number of legal procedures related to official matters in legal matters. You may experience problems with your social media accounts. You should seek your right and make an effort to correct a possible mistake.

Your relationship with the singles and the ongoing Pisces can become even more passionate and exciting. If you have a love story that you have regretted in the past, if you still love that person and believe that you are loved, surrender to love and courageously go after love and know that love is invincible against time and reborn from its ashes. You may experience misunderstandings and misleading projects in your business throughout the week. Be careful. Focus on what you need to do more than what others say.

In the past, the inner face of many unresolved issues can emerge with all the nudity, and as a result, you can make new decisions and get what you have the right to financial matters. Mercury's backward movement warns you not to make a new start in official documents that require attention to agreements. During Mercury's backward movement, you can experience distraction and general anger.

Monthly Pisces Reviews

You will start by forgetting the troubles you experienced in February. The eclipse of the fire sign that occurred in the last days of last month may be emotionally exhausted. But the purpose is to work, do not stand this month for the Pisces zodiac signs that have made the philosophy of his life. You will experience a month where you can organize yourself and your surroundings in the best way possible. This will allow you to act very well planned. Socially busy days are waiting for you this month. It will be for you to bring people together, to stand out in events and to be a determinant within the communities.

The transformation will be effective at home Solar eclipse, air sign begins under the dominance. This is a revolution for you. It's time to settle your concerns. You might want to make sense of your dreams. You may want to become a member of the website of people you like and be involved in their activities. It's not for nothing that these things relax you. The eclipse of the Sun, dominated by the air sign, may lead you to unusual subjects.

In particular, you are in a cycle to question the balance in bilateral relations. You may want to review in February what you did for people you owned, worked with. The dome indicates that it can focus more on its career this month than ever before. Because the agenda can be quite intense, the tolerance for their relatives can be very low. Your loved ones, if they can analyze you well in February, avoid avoiding big events. Because you're a month when you're ready to burn the ships.

In February, you are very interested in real estate. You can make some plans to change your office, home or board business that you have been investing on for 7 or 8 years. You will not hesitate to take risks to invest and improve existing conditions, but mentors will also have this period.

The agenda of February: You will gather your inner world.

Love Talisman: You'll find the balance you're looking for.

Sex: You'll be free.