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01 August 2021

Daily Leo Reviews

You should be careful not to perceive mutual constructive intent criticism as accusation. It seems that your partner does not intend to engage in attitudes that cause problems for small reasons.

Your handling of the events and the solution to them may require a bit more haste. Your intensity in recent days will continue for a while. You are an overly calm person in your business life.

There is no noticeable reduction in your extravagance. Conscious elements in the family continue to be the regulators of this issue. Your belief that you understand the value of money now seems a bit too optimistic.

It is useful to cleanse some complexes in your love life. The resistance you display while accepting some of your lover's findings about you creates doubts about your sincerity in your environment.

Weekly Leo Reviews

In the decisions you will make in the first days of this week, you warn you to act by taking into consideration the warnings of family elders or older people you think you trust.

Be careful, your tired soul and body will make wrong decisions in a short time, and your desire to reach your goals may cause you to face crises in your business life.

In your private life, not to act in disturbing criticism of your spouse or your lover, you may face a rather difficult situation that may cause your jealousy efforts to backfire against small stubbornness in your will.

Monthly Leo Reviews

This month may be a month when they will prove their courage. It is likely that your marriage life will suffer for some reason. You may be under stress because of the same thing, and this mentality can hinder all areas of your life.

Students are likely to fall in their studies and programs. It is recommended to focus on your education as it will help shape your future. The good news is that your efforts to stay healthy can benefit, and your health problems can be resolved. You can choose a sport like badminton, swimming or table tennis. However, it is recommended not to exercise excessively, as this can interfere with your health.

Mid-month can generally be intense. In particular, you may be overstressed by the middle of this month. Things will start getting better after that date. You may find yourself more concerned and confident and peaceful in everything around you. There may be no clarity about the subject of finance, but there will be no significant loss. Business trips can be found throughout the month.