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In the astrology world, following each other, the Sagittarius and Capricorn are therefore opposite points of each other. However, the opposite poles always attract each other should not forget. Capricorns, which are a complete business colic, also know how to keep the money they earn. This type of boy who is quite frugal can sometimes be boring for springs. Sagittarius will never hesitate to spend the money they have earned for traveling and having fun. Capricorn is not known to get used to this situation, but to be sparing for the Sagittarius sign can be seen as stingy. Capricorn man's great goals and self-care will also affect the Sagittarius. Although the Sagittarius and Capricorn harmony doesn't get us a full note, if they can understand each other and make sacrifices, they may have a happy relationship.

In the world of bushes, the Sagittarius and Capricorn duo, born one after the other, are not very difficult to agree with each other. In general, they both carry another person out of them. While both of them do not care outside, they do not seem to be struck, they carry an emotional and passionate person in their inner world. Sagittarius does not have an easy relationship, the relationships are generally short-lived. He will find a long-time love and passion in a passionate sign of love.

Capricorn has a wide heart and really carries the person she loves and introduces her inner world. When Sagittarius meets this inner world of him, he will not be able to give up easily. This is not a favorite type in bilateral friendship relationships, but in the case of a love affair, a real bond may arise between them. In order for this relationship to be indispensable, a big business falls into the Sagittarius. Because of their external appearance, they are both striking signs, and at the first glance, this relationship is caused by a great electrification. Then, to turn into love, work falls to both sides. Because they are different characters because they require a bit of effort.

Sagittarius : Woman / Capricorn : Man 

The two signs of astrology, Sagittarius and Capricorn have opposite characteristics. This contradiction sometimes leads to fights, but if a strong bond is established, it can create a magnet effect. If they start an affair with the spring woman and boy is the most important danger waiting for his men are money issues. Capricorn, who likes to save his earnings, this feature can be perceived as stingy for the Sagittarius woman. For the woman of the Sagittarius who spends all her money on fun and having fun, this situation is nothing but stingy. They can sail into a lively relationship if their money goes beyond their subject.

Sagittarius : Man / Capricorn : Woman

These two horoscopes in the astrological order have opposite characteristics based on general lines. Sagittarius doesn't insist on hiking, having fun, or spending time together. However, the boy is so focused on the business that his eye does not see anything else. The Capricorn is the best example of how the opposite characters complete each other. When it comes to the bedroom, the kid will be passionate enough to forget all these details.