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21 Jan - 18 Feb
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Cancer belonging to the air group Aquarius and water group may not agree very well together. The sentiment of the Cancer can be unnecessary and absurd to the Aquarius. To be with a Aquarius with his free spirit and his love for bachelor will be crushing and difficult for the Cancer. Aquarius is one of the fastest affected but one of the fastest hit signs. His condition may be a little heavy for Cancer. But a clever Cancer can be a powerful weapon to impress Aquarius. Cancer is connected to the house, emotional and family are people who care. Aquarius, on the other hand, postpones the idea of ​​establishing a family. He wants his day to day and lots of fun. Before starting to relate to a Aquarius, the Cancer sign must think well. In this relationship the wounded side will probably be the Cancer side. We're giving this relationship 4 out of 10.

It is the logic that governs the sign of the Cancer, and the one that rules the Aquarius. This shows that these two are quite different. This difference may differentiate them from each other, but they can also complement each other in bilateral relations. In this relationship, because Aquarius has difficulty in showing its emotions, it is a sign of Cancer. The side of the romanticism that will have to survive will be the Cancer sign. But still, the Cancer may experience difficulty in not showing the love of Aquarius and may not think it is unloved.

Although Aquarius is not very successful in love affairs, it is quite successful in friendship. Aquarius become very good friends. In this case, Cancer can be the best friend of his lover. This duo is a good friend because they will make a deal. In order to be lover, they will have to give this relationship some time. This pair may not be so romantic together. But they should still enjoy the fun. Fun times can also leave the romantic moments that have taken place in time.

Cancer : Woman / Aquarius : Man

The woman of the Cancer has a fondness to her house and has a rootstock structure. After a while, the Aquarius man wants to innovate, but when this does not happen, the problems begin between the two. When these two signs establish a relationship, they have a very stormy relationship because they are opposed to each other. That's why it's hard for them to be happy. Especially the fact that the male Aquarius has a constantly changing structure will force the Cancer woman very hard. The relationship between the Cancer woman and the Aquarius man will consist of disappointments and moments of sadness.

Cancer : Man / Aquarius : Woman

The short-term relationship between the Cancer male and the female Aquarius will be very passionate and they will have unforgettable moments. After a while, however, the fact that the Aquarius woman has an ever-changing mood will start to squeeze and force the Cancer male. Because the Cancer male does not like to dream has a completely realistic structure. Perhaps this is why the Cancer man will never try to fully recognize the Aquarius woman. After a while the long-term relations of the relationship with the long-term relationship shows how beautiful.