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22 Dec - 20 Jan
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21 Jan - 18 Feb

Capricorn is known for its stubborn personality and harmony with Aquarius that will complement it will lead to a successful love and business relationship. Both love and partnership will complement each other in bilateral relations, such as children and Aquarius, together, great pleasure to travel, to relieve, to have fun.

We can say that, like Gemini, the horoscopes, as well as emotional horoscopes such as Pisces, for the children and the Aquarius are both realistic and ideal. While it's hard to say the exact word for the Capricorn woman and the Aquarius man, it's enough to impress the Aquarius man at first sight. The buck man sometimes loses his interest because he is free-spirited. But the Capricorn woman who knows how to keep the balance will be able to do what she will and do with her man.

Capricorn is stubborn but so emotional. It is not for everyone to discover this emotionality. Use your feelings, not your words to gain his trust. If you can feel it in your heart, Capricorn will do its best to make you the happiest person in the world. This is the only problem in this relationship because Aquarius is fond of his freedom. Because the Capricorn doesn't care, but jealousy ends up inside. In this case, the Aquarius should not take any steps at all if he / she does not really want to be together or if he / she thinks of a short-term relationship. Otherwise boy could harass her life.

Aquarius, from time to time runs multiple jobs at the same time. In this case, you may experience confusion. It's all about business here to put them all together. He needs to help him. He was born in winter months. In this case, agreements with each other may not be very difficult.

Capricorn : Woman / Aquarius : Man

As a kid, you may notice that you cannot agree with the Aquarius man over time. Because the Aquarius man and your values ​​will be completely opposite. While your efforts to gain respect in your community are funny to the Aquarius, while talking about a serious issue, the Aquarius can respond with a wise ass. While the Capricorn woman is on the stand, the Aquarius man will not make the happy woman happy because she is a wild nut. After a while, this couple will start to fight, but the love of the couple will be long.

Capricorn : Man / Aquarius : Woman

The Capricorn man is a serious and likes to be appreciated by the community. The Aquarius woman can find appreciation in the community as a comical event, and instead of being serious, she may display cocky and laconic attitudes. The love of Capricorn and Aquarius may seem attractive to each other at the beginning but it will become a problem balloon over time. While Capricorn wants the scheme in his home life, the woman in the Aquarius instead of ordering wants to live according to her head. The agreement of these two signs depends only on the concessions of the Aquarius woman. The Capricorn man can be kept in the wit of the female Aquarius.