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Card 1
This card represents your current career and shows what you really want about your career.
King of Cups (Reverse)

This card is emotionally weak and sensitive. He lies to himself. It is prone to alcohol and drugs. His word is very unreliable. They succumb to their weaknesses and fail.

Card 2
This card represents the future steps for your career.
Ace of Cups

This card, which is the beginning of emotional issues, brings you the news of a new love or love. The image of water in this card, which is focused on understanding yourself, tells the reflection and flow of emotions to the outside.

Card 3
This card represents aspects that are very difficult to change in your career.
Page of Swords (Reverse)

Believing only in intelligence, and questioning everything from time to time to express sarcastic, skeptical and sarcastic identity, this card is a harbinger of sad and unexpected events.

Card 4
This card represents your current career status and performance.
Nine of Wands

It may be said that you are a little more cautious and defensive because of your previous experiences. So much so that you are prepared for a serious debate or fight to defend yourself. If you already have a problem you're struggling with, it's a good idea to be careful because you can't handle it yet. A past relationship or health problem may come up again, you should be prepared.

Card 5
This card represents personal changes you made to improve your performance in your career.
Three of Pentacles (Reverse)

It shows reluctant attempts and a mean or below average labor. Usually, little effort or much work is applied to the situation. The client undertakes only what is appropriate rather than the expected skills and abilities.

Card 6
This card represents topics that affect your past career performance.
Seven of Wands (Reverse)

This card does not contain any confrontational meaning. In other words, situations that are waiting for you to become clear will not be able to reach its goal with an encounter. This also means that the expected problems will not occur.

Card 7
This card represents the expected results as a result of the guidance in your career.
Ten of Swords (Reverse)

The changes you make to your ideas and behaviors in order to avoid a difficult situation or problems take you to a positive level. The changes you have made to yourself as well as the help you receive from your environment may have been effective in this. Despite all this, the light of hope is still on.