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Card 1
This card represents your current career and shows what you really want about your career.
Knight of Wands (Reverse)

This card, which decides without thinking and is impulsive, tells you that extreme competition and selfishness are imminent. You may have problems with work or another event.

Card 2
This card represents the future steps for your career.
King of Pentacles

He is determined, hardworking. He is in a good financial situation. He knows how to win and spend. He loves nature and soil. She does not believe in things she does not see, she approaches with suspicion. It is conservative, it depends on its traditions. He wants to see loyalty and respect from his environment. He shows his love by spending money.

Card 3
This card represents aspects that are very difficult to change in your career.
Strength (Inverse)

This card means loving yourself and not thinking about others. Indicates psychological problems. Nerves and violence lead to uncontrolled behavior. This person misunderstands everything, is belligerent, so his relationship with his surroundings is not good.

Card 4
This card represents your current career status and performance.
Seven of Cups (Reverse)

This card, which is opposed to indecision, tells you that you will definitely choose one of your newly set goals and risks and then pursue it.

Card 5
This card represents personal changes you made to improve your performance in your career.
Four of Swords

You will need some rest and time for anything you plan to take a break in your life. On the other hand, you must remember that this is a temporary period. This card, which expresses a withdrawal, can even bring abstraction from the environment.

Card 6
This card represents topics that affect your past career performance.

It means more awareness and use of personal powers. The person who chose this card is now free from fears and problems. He gains happiness by using his own power and energy. The rewards of this card are; it is the harmony between soul, mind and heart. Get rid of this card. The person who chose this card may have escaped someone. This can be in all areas of salvation. This person should listen to his inner voice and ignore others on important matters.

Card 7
This card represents the expected results as a result of the guidance in your career.
Five of Pentacles (Reverse)

You can observe an increase in your joy. You can find a part-time or temporary job in business. Your health will be good or better than it is. Great innovations are expected in the spiritual world.