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Card 1
This card represents your desires, wishes and dreams.

Well, it means new beginnings. This is a very good card for a change-making opening. A new life and a different lifestyle begins. The old events do not upset the person who chooses this card anymore. Sadness is left behind, happy, loving days begin now.

Card 2
This card represents your emotions and feelings.
Queen of Swords

Emphasizing self-control, this card presents a married or any tie with a self-confident profile in the relationship. His mind rules him more than his heart. It can be sharp and critical, analytical and powerful in understanding. Truth, freedom, equality, and education are the most fundamental goals. Many communication channels, from journalism to technology, are of interest to such people.

Card 3
This card represents emotional problems in your life, such as sadness, anxiety and fear.
High Priestess (Reverse)

The difference between values and behaviors leads to negative changes. The moral order for the circumstances can be ignored.

Card 4
This card represents the areas of courage and disappointment in your life.
Page of Cups

The days of peace and happiness in the world of emotions, temptations and responses are waiting for you. This card expresses that kindness, sympathy, artistry, fastness, imagination, love and intuition are with you. You should not leave the discipline in the steps you will take especially about art.

Card 5
This card represents important spiritual experiences you will need in the future.
Ten of Swords

An unexpected negativity or unscheduled plans can be seen. Failures can be caused by a situation that you have laid the foundation for in the past, or by a cause other than yourself.

Card 6
This card represents the areas that you should pay more attention to in your life.
Knight of Wands

If your focus is not a person, this card tells you the most important events that will occur in your life. The character traits that the card emphasizes are an outspoken, funny and loving people.