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Card 1
This card represents your desired and desired result.
The Moon (Reverse)

Cheating and dishonesty are over. An honest, unpopular love and relevance emerges. Fooling yourself with this card. This is the card of creativity. It symbolizes telepathic activity.

Card 2
This card represents how your history affects your wishes and desires.
King of Swords

It is a complete champion. He overcomes all the difficulties he faces. It makes its decisions healthy based on its experience. It is honest and impartial. They usually become educators, doctors or lawyers. It handles events philosophically. It is loving and caring.

Card 3
This card represents what you expect from the near future.
Queen of Cups (Reverse)

Your extreme sensitivity can become unbearable for those around you. This emotional weakness makes life difficult to live and full of resentments. Fictitious events, self-directed fictions and clinging to unhealthy habits are common. It doesn't seem strong enough to forget the bad experiences of the past. So whatever you are, you must listen to your logic before your heart and get rid of the emotional turmoil.

Card 4
This card gives you information about the effects of the near future on your life and how it will affect your desires and wishes.
The Star (Reverse)

They are hopes that result in disappointment. Optimism has disappeared, and this negativity may be due to the faint personal image of the person choosing the card. This person may feel inadequate because he considers his powers and creativity worthless. So all creativity disappears. Depression and insecurity weaken and weaken the person. A sense of despair breaks your dreams. Get help against these problems, look for a personal remedy.

Card 5
This card represents the benefits you can get by others.
Seven of Swords (Reverse)

The positive and helpful choices you make will also be good for you. You are in a period when you will become your best friend.

Card 6
This card represents your preparedness for possible violations or opposing forces.
Seven of Cups

You are away from the things that trigger and motivate you, even when you don't even know what they are. This card, which also expresses things that are not only imaginary, does not exist. All of this can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption or by computer and television, which breaks you from the outside world.

Card 7
This card represents the best form of behavior you need to take to capture your wishes and desires.
Three of Wands

Previous risks are returned as improvements. The card informs you of success, development, positive results, sharing efforts and helpful advice.

Card 8
This card guides you on how to achieve your wishes and desires.
The Hierophant (Reverse)

Describes disorder. Symbolizes problems in marriage. The person who chooses this card does not listen to the sound coming from inside. Business situation is very good.

Card 9
This card represents the expected result as a result of the referrals applied.
King of Wands (Reverse)

He loses his generosity and friendly side. It ceases to be a sharer and becomes selfish. Everything wants its own, it is arrogant. It waits for every request to be made instantly. He is a dominant person, does not hesitate to argue, he thinks only himself.