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Card 1
This card represents your financial situation and reflects your relationship with money.
The World (Reverse)

Success has not been achieved yet, victory has not yet been completed. There is a partial victory. The person who chooses the card does not accept the responsibilities of life.

Card 2
This card represents basic affairs related to money and reflects your feelings and thoughts about money.
Seven of Cups

You are away from the things that trigger and motivate you, even when you don't even know what they are. This card, which also expresses things that are not only imaginary, does not exist. All of this can be caused by excessive alcohol consumption or by computer and television, which breaks you from the outside world.

Card 3
This card represents your past impressions and impact on money.
Page of Swords

The focus of this card is harmony, agility and flexibility. Therefore, it is highly likely that you will have a career in subjects such as mathematics, technology, foreign languages and engineering. This card, which has the ability to have two jobs at the same time, shows that you enjoy mental occupation and games. These features give you the signals of getting bored from a project you started and getting into new searches.

Card 4
This card represents your spiritual relationship with money and reflects the important lessons you need to take.
Four of Wands

Your card is the harbinger of a success that will bring you happiness and the pleasure of achieving your goal. Whatever you have hope for, the moment you reap the fruits of it is near. These issues can be a relationship, work, friendship or a health issue.

Card 5
This card represents the actions you will take to change the current financial situation.
Queen of Swords

Emphasizing self-control, this card presents a married or any tie with a self-confident profile in the relationship. His mind rules him more than his heart. It can be sharp and critical, analytical and powerful in understanding. Truth, freedom, equality, and education are the most fundamental goals. Many communication channels, from journalism to technology, are of interest to such people.