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Card 1
This card represents you. This is your current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Eight of Wands

You are very close to the target you draw yourself. Your dreams, hopes and aspirations have entered a period of rapid realization. For this purpose, you can experience very deep loyalties. This commitment can also be about your love life. You can engage in activities that keep you fit physically, such as sports. Apart from all these, you may encounter a journey by plane.

Card 2
This card represents your partner. This is his current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Six of Swords (Reverse)

This card, which states that events such as traveling, moving from one place to another, will not occur, describes a process in which the struggle against difficulties continues. It can be said that your situation will continue for a while.

Card 3
This card is the link card. Quality and characteristic features that bring you together.
Three of Pentacles (Reverse)

It shows reluctant attempts and a mean or below average labor. Usually, little effort or much work is applied to the situation. The client undertakes only what is appropriate rather than the expected skills and abilities.

Card 4
This card represents the strengths of your relationship. These are quality aspects that maintain the relationship.
Five of Swords

You can hurt someone around you. You should keep in mind that when you hurt someone you will actually hurt yourself. Another meaning of the card is that you have access to the things you want to achieve and you can use some tricks while doing so. This cunning attitude can also be guided by someone else.

Card 5
This card represents the weaknesses of your relationship. These are the points you need to discover in your relationship.
Two of Wands

The merchant symbolized on the card and the staff behind it describe the balance of your previous achievements with the initiatives you intend to start. The gaze of the trader looking confidently towards the future is a sign of the situation you are in. What you are aiming for is very meaningful to you and the scepter on the card balances your objective and reality, symbolizing world reality. This card refers to the stage of work, school, or where an answer is expected.

Card 6
This card is the card of true love. It shows whether your love is successful and satisfying. It is also a guide to take your relationship to a better dimension.
Six of Wands

This card, which heralds success and victory, tells us that the efforts will be rewarded. Your choices or an ideal effort is expected to be resolved in better locations. Your determination and strong will will make you smile.