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Card 1
This card represents you. This is your current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Four of Wands (Reverse)

This card, which is the harbinger of happiness, peace and success, indicates that all your planned goals will be achieved.

Card 2
This card represents your partner. This is his current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Ace of Wands

This card indicates that you will encounter a beginning with a request, initiative, energy or courage.

Card 3
This card is the link card. Quality and characteristic features that bring you together.
Nine of Cups

This card brings you plenty of money and health. All conditions have been completed to enjoy life.

Card 4
This card represents the strengths of your relationship. These are quality aspects that maintain the relationship.
Nine of Wands

It may be said that you are a little more cautious and defensive because of your previous experiences. So much so that you are prepared for a serious debate or fight to defend yourself. If you already have a problem you're struggling with, it's a good idea to be careful because you can't handle it yet. A past relationship or health problem may come up again, you should be prepared.

Card 5
This card represents the weaknesses of your relationship. These are the points you need to discover in your relationship.
Two of Cups (Reverse)

Pointing out that discussions and discrepancies await you, this card predicts that you should be particularly careful in your relationships. For example; your love relationship, where you experience intense emotions, can gradually become monotonous and disappear and end badly. Previously, emotions and behaviors in balance may be replaced by selfishness and lack of empathy. Serious discrepancies may occur because the relationship has lost its balance. You may be a continuous party in your relationship, or this may apply to the other person.

Card 6
This card is the card of true love. It shows whether your love is successful and satisfying. It is also a guide to take your relationship to a better dimension.
The Star

It expresses the desires and dreams of the person who chooses the card. Shows searching for natural talents with confidence. It symbolizes positive, positive thinking, good mood and physical health. Meditation is symbolized by this card. Support the person who chose this card to find new talents and achieve creative goals.