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Card 1
This card represents you. This is your current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Six of Swords

After the horrible and even humiliating events you've been through, it's time to rebalance your situation. The only way to achieve this balance is to get away from all these experiences. Your card also informs you of more positive developments. This is an improvement where you can leave behind all the challenges. Physical changes, such as moving, are also encountered during this period. The period of fighting the difficulties is over.

Card 2
This card represents your partner. This is his current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Seven of Pentacles

During this period a sense of failure and dissatisfaction may prevail. There is something that is given too much importance, a sense of satisfaction you feel, or the possibility of losing a success. You may have a feeling that it may lead you to further goals for career, education, material and spiritual goals.

Card 3
This card is the link card. Quality and characteristic features that bring you together.
Seven of Cups (Reverse)

This card, which is opposed to indecision, tells you that you will definitely choose one of your newly set goals and risks and then pursue it.

Card 4
This card represents the strengths of your relationship. These are quality aspects that maintain the relationship.
Seven of Swords (Reverse)

The positive and helpful choices you make will also be good for you. You are in a period when you will become your best friend.

Card 5
This card represents the weaknesses of your relationship. These are the points you need to discover in your relationship.
Queen of Wands (Reverse)

This card, which informs of negative developments, represents deception and deception. Selfishness is manifest. This person can be a very ambitious manager. He uses his sexuality to impress people evil. It deflects information and news and reflects events deceptively.

Card 6
This card is the card of true love. It shows whether your love is successful and satisfying. It is also a guide to take your relationship to a better dimension.
King of Wands (Reverse)

He loses his generosity and friendly side. It ceases to be a sharer and becomes selfish. Everything wants its own, it is arrogant. It waits for every request to be made instantly. He is a dominant person, does not hesitate to argue, he thinks only himself.