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Card 1
This card represents you. This is your current feelings, behavior and expectations.
Ten of Wands (Reverse)

There are health problems that are present or waiting for you on this card. Someone else's illness can lead you to material and spiritual difficulties.

Card 2
This card represents your partner. This is his current feelings, behavior and expectations.
The Moon

It represents dishonesty arising from one's self or others. The person who chooses this card may be deceived, lying to himself, or acting fraudulently towards others. It may represent separation, sudden changes, as it represents vibrations. The person who chooses the card may be disappointed. Be careful, a lot of things you may not know may be happening around you. It is also the telepathy card. This person's intuition is strong. It may also mean sleeping and dreaming. It symbolizes telepathic activity.

Card 3
This card is the link card. Quality and characteristic features that bring you together.
Page of Wands

Effort, ambition, courage, energy and personality are elements of this card. You like being noticed in public and showing your natural leadership skills. If you are in a new situation, it is possible to say that you are in a determined and risky position. In order to make your difference stand out, you can also take steps in such matters as coaching, athletics, sales and teaching.

Card 4
This card represents the strengths of your relationship. These are quality aspects that maintain the relationship.
Wheel of Fortune

It is a sign of rewards and opportunities. The person who chooses this card can turn the events in his favor. This card symbolizes success. That means many opportunities will arise.

Card 5
This card represents the weaknesses of your relationship. These are the points you need to discover in your relationship.
King of Swords (Reverse)

It is biased. He is vindictive, he pursues revenge. He uses his brilliant intelligence for evil; conspires, intrigues. He is brutal, cynical and skeptical.

Card 6
This card is the card of true love. It shows whether your love is successful and satisfying. It is also a guide to take your relationship to a better dimension.
Nine of Wands (Reverse)

You may be in a position where the weakness prevails, not the pursuit of your rights. You should be prepared for the discussion and problems you will encounter. Your issues may be a recurring issue from your history. At this point, what you need to be careful about may be that you exhibit the general weakness attitude towards these problems. You should be free from your fears.