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24 Oct - 22 Nov
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The Scorpio, which has the power to seduce everyone with his passion and passion, can be a great couple together with the known Libra with respect for family and marriage institution. Scorpio can be under the influence of the Libra as it is with all the horoscopes with sexy looks and seductive movements. Scorpio is a very jealous sign. Therefore, the horoscope of liberty may not coexist with the Scorpio. However, the Libra give much importance to associations. Scorpio does not interfere with the sociality of the balance, and if the Libra can overcome the jealousy of the Scorpio, we say that it is for this relationship! Another point that matters in the harmony of Libra and Scorpio is the distrust of the scorpio horoscopes against people. If the Libra provide that confidence, he can take a wonderful path with the Scorpio.

The jealousy of the Libra and Scorpio in the ceiling of the jealousy of the scourge of jealousy crises can end with a bitter end. Because the Libra is very optimistic and shows love to everyone around. When the opposite sex into the work, the loving Scorpio may be jealous of jealousy, the relationship can lead to deadlock. At this point, the Libra should be careful in this type of behavior with the Scorpio.

Libra is very important to love and love. To be loved, he is shown to everyone in love. Scorpio will not like it very much. Because Scorpio doesn't want to share her lover with anyone. Here comes the work of Scorpio. If it shows the love that Libra needs, the Libra will not have to show love to anyone else.

We can call it the opposite of Libra and Scorpio. In this case, the fight between the two may be quite hot. However, there is always a desire to speak in the nature of the people of the Libra. In this case, he can look up his lover all day long. Scorpio can escape from fear of love. This relationship will need some balance. If both can settle this balance, this relationship has a 60% chance.

Libra : Woman / Scorpio : Man

Libra loves to take the woman she loves under her wing. The Scorpio woman can only belong if she falls in love. The biggest common point between the two is humor. The jokes made by joining intelligence leave a large mark on the Scorpio woman. A passionate lover, the Scorpio is the one to tie it to itself. In this sign of harmony, sexual life is more mobile and holy than social life. In both signs special attention is given to the hours spent. The Libra are conciliatory and the Scorpio is more passionate.

Libra : Man / Scorpio : Woman

As a partner who likes to have fun and wandering around with social life, does Libra woman win the love of loneliness of Scorpio man? Unknown. However, if they can achieve socialization together, a relationship of love can occur. Although the Scorpio in general seems dignified and arrogant, the analytical intelligence of the Libra will be the most attractive. Love is very important for Scorpio men who respect Zekaya very much. In order to avoid the jealousy crisis of Scorpio man who needs to be considered for Libra, whose symbol is justice, it will be to give confidence in the first place.