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24 Sep - 23 Oct
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21 May - 20 Jun

A couple who will never get tired of socializing together. Gemini and Libra, who are very successful in understanding each other, can be a perfect couple in a love affair. Gemini and Libra scales have 8 points out of 10. In general, the Libra horoscopes are dreamers, idealists, and many of them do not step on the ground. But this sign's strong motive is what is right and what is wrong. It does not know what is appropriate in an environment and how to behave. The balance and understanding that they bring to social relations is positive for all kinds of relations. Libra is the most romantic sign, they live for love. When they find a soul mate that complements them, they want to live like love in the movies. Marriage can be frightening for the horoscope that sees these relationships as an art. As long as they remain loyal in relationships, they are likely to be influenced by someone else.

Gemini : Woman / Libra : Man

The Gemini woman and the Libra man can catch happiness and harmony in their relationship life. These two horoscope friends are quite good. These two signs have no difficulty in adapting to each other, so it is highly likely that they will be able to catch happiness. The romantic structure of Libra will be very popular for Gemini. Their relationship will be very passionate and passionate when they begin to experience this dual association. If they encounter minor problems when they have a long-term relationship, make sure they can overcome it.

Gemini : Man / Libra : Woman

The relationship between Gemini and Libra men can be quite interesting and interesting. It is highly probable that these two signs cannot prevent the attraction between them and live an attractive love. The Gemini man and the woman of the Libra will be their happiness if they do not dictate some aspects of the person on the other side. There will be a very passionate and exciting love between this couple. It would be a very good decision for them to terminate this relationship with marriage. Marriage will be very happy throughout their lives.