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24 Sep - 23 Oct
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21 Apr - 20 May

The Libra love to talk to everyone about it. They want to give value to their ideas. If you are warned to be silent, you will be told. Libra thinks about every topic and makes late decisions. It creates problems in love relationships. They examine a subject vertically to the horizontal, talk to you and talk about it. Your undecidedness will be good for you in one place.

You may think that you can increase your wishes by doing a little bit, but this isn't that easy, but the soft, gentle delicate appearance of the Libra can cheat you. If he finds himself the person who puts himself in a passive state, there is no longer what is there for him. His heart is like a flame ball.

Libra has to have fun with his friends to go out with them, but if you complete each other in fact you are fond of home. Spend time with friends and watch what the balance is.

The Libra is ruled by Venus and it is quite emotional and romantic. It is very easy to influence a Libra in terms of physics.

Taurus : Woman / Libra : Man

Taurus woman to be stubborn and persist in doing something to force the Libra man is forced to force. However, these two signs are compatible with each other. They can have a fun life, but this will not last long. The Taurus woman who has an authoritarian structure and the curious male Libra cannot be too optimistic about this issue. Both of the faithful faithful to their home are prone to leave in the small debate. Therefore, short-lived loves get along better.

Taurus : Man / Libra : Woman

Taurus male authoritarian ownership aspects of the emotional, charming and lifestyle of the balance is not a hindrance for women because of their compatibility is extremely good. The loyal Taurus woman is very influential and their love remains eternal. Libra woman's sensuality affects the Taurus man very much. In this case, it is the most appropriate adorned and happy pair of horoscopes showing the harmony. Taurus male temperature against the children and family of the passion of the woman combined with the passion of a happy and peaceful family bond is established.