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24 Sep - 23 Oct
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22 Dec - 20 Jan

The most ambitious of the world of the horoscopes and the foot of the earth is solid. His ambition causes him to become a complete workaholic in business. The Libra can understand it, while many signs can't understand it. At this point the boy will step into a happy relationship with someone who understands him. Here, the Libra are fascinated by the ambition and struggle spirit of the son. Libra is a social sign and enjoys spending time outdoors with friends. While Capricorn is also a social horoscope, its priority is for the business business! A boy who is accustomed to spending time with him in order to adapt to his / her partner, says the Libra. But if he can't pick up his head and see it, the Libra with a realistic spirit can move away.

Capricorn, love only believes that the logic can pass through the filter. This inevitably causes him to have prejudices. If he thinks something about a person at first sight, it takes a while for him to change those thoughts. If he was influenced by Libra at the first sight, then he would go over those feelings. Because Capricorn believes your feelings are too strong. If she felt anything against someone, that relationship could be a real love for her. They also live for their ideals. So it wouldn't be too difficult to negotiate with the Libra.

Capricorn, attracting attention with serious attitudes, may be quite secretive from time to time. But it should not be forgotten that the people of Capricorn are actually soft hearts. At the beginning of this relationship, if the libra scares his cold behavior, he may end up with this relationship. But if her senses and Capricorn feel she loves her, Capricorn also makes her the happiest person in the world. The dominant character in this relationship seems to be kidnapping, but the balance of power and self-confidence will always make the child feel a step back.

Libra : Woman / Capricorn: Man

According to astrology, which is not very compatible but with the effect of the rising of the ideal couple can be an ideal pair of women and her son are opposite poles attracting each other. While the Libra of sociality are always trying to have fun, the boy has adopted a more introverted life. The mobile life of the Libra is attractive and attractive for the kid lost in his own world. The emotions of intense living Libra can be a good partner for children with emotions of the same intensity. Soil group will want to take a step into the social life with the Libra belonging to the group.

Libra: Man / Capricorn : Woman

When the Libra man opens his wings to the young woman who has peaked in solitude, he can become the most attractive male in the world. Because the Capricorn woman will find all the criteria in the search for a peaceful harbor for refuge. One of the most ideal couples for a relationship away from noise will be the social life of this horoscope in harmony with the speed of the balance, sexual life will be at the peak of the passion of the Capricorn woman. The only thing that needs to be avoided is because the trust in both signs is important. The rest will come as a socks drawer.