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24 Aug - 23 Sep
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23 Jul - 23 Aug

It is not a sign of any sign of the sign of Leo. If Virgo chose a Leo among all these people one day, he should know that tough days are waiting. The group belonging to the group of Leo and earth belonging to the Fire group may be a very good couple in bed, both of whom will do their best to make their partner happy. But when it comes to the love affair that the business must carry out in their daily life, they can have many obstacles. In the face of these obstacles, it is highly likely that the Leo will turn back. At this point, if the Virgo wants to obtain it, then the burden of this relationship must be on his shoulders. The Leo zodiac signs are tough people. Therefore, Leo and Virgo horoscope harmony from us 10 out of 10 points.

For the union of Leo and Virgo, we can say either it or not. Virgo is hard-working since the harvest was born. Leo is also in the business life because he is in a good working life and surely good places will come. They can be a good couple in business. If this duo can demonstrate his business success in his love life, it's up to them. Virgo and Leo sign together will not be very comfortable. They may have difficulty getting used to each other at the beginning of the relationship. Virgo, criticism of the Leo should not over tighten. Otherwise, the Leo can escape from this situation.

Virgo may be a closed box in their relationship. In this case, we recommend him to be more open in his relationship with the Leo. This will further strengthen the relationship between them. People agree by talking. In this case, instead of throwing the events and emotions of the Virgo, he should share his thoughts with the sign of the Leo. Leo may not be a social sign. In this case, the Virgo must keep up with it.

Leo : Woman / Virgo: Man

The loneliness of the sign of Leo is quite difficult for him. In addition, the fact that the Virgo is extremely rigorous and that it is very careful to force the Leo woman. Because the Leo woman is too tight and can not come to dominate over. In this case, it is very difficult to achieve harmony between these two groups and to have a long term relationship. The long-term coexistence of this couple is very rare. It is quite difficult for them to make a marriage decision because it is very difficult to be happy together.

Leo: Man / Virgo: Woman

The Leo male is a very romantic sign. Unfortunately, because he is extremely jealous and enjoys standing over the other person, he does not agree with the woman of Virgo very much. Because the Virgo woman never likes restricting her freedom. Therefore, it is quite unlikely that they will be happy in a relationship that will start between the Leo man and the woman of the spine and catch the harmony between them. The Virgo woman is in a constant criticism of his Leo man male and they are always fighting because of this situation. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish a long-term and healthy relationship between them.