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23 Jul - 23 Aug
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Both Leo and Sagittarius belong to the fire group. Therefore, they will not be difficult to negotiate with each other. Leo is a leading sign of zodiac and is very popular among his friends. The reason he likes to be among his peers is that they can be crazy. Therefore, both are social signs. Together we can have many things to talk about. If they can spend time with each other, they can have an incredibly enjoyable time when they're alone. The Leo and the Sagittarius are actually opposites in many aspects. However, we must not forget that the opposite poles attract each other. As far as we're concerned, the Leo and the Sagittarius horoscope gets 7-8 out of 10. If they want a perfect relationship they need to listen to each other, otherwise we recommend that the springs do not forget that the Leo is turning when his anger gets angry.

Leo will be the most full of love for the sign of the horoscope will undoubtedly be the sign of the Sagittarius. This pair will understand each other. For this reason, you can also see that the Leo and the Sagittarius duo are good friends and friends. The Leo and the Sagittarius in general have similar tastes. Both are social people and they enjoy having fun and having fun with their friends. In this case, a beautiful fit with each other does not seem very difficult to catch. Both characters succeed in attracting attention in almost every environment they enter.

There is a devil feather in Leo's man and women. That explains why they are so remarkable. As soon as he sees the sign of the Leo at the time he sees the Leo is as remarkable as the Leo, it will be a harmonious coexistence of the two. They can be friends at the beginning. They are even very good friends. But this friendship can turn into a passionate relationship over time. Because there will always be an indefinable shot between the duo.

Leo : Woman / Sagittarius : Man

They can be very happy in the association of Leo and Leo. Due to the characteristics of pushing each other is very difficult to negotiate. When these two signs, which are not easily understood even in friendship relationships, begin to have a relationship, problems and debates never follow. However, there may be an exciting association between them at first. This results in the loss of excitement after a short time. So you should think about this before you start a dual relationship. This is valid within the time when they decide to marry.

Leo : Man / Sagittarius : Woman

The owner of the Leo sign of Sagittarius will enjoy the woman. If these two signs have a relationship decision, it is not very difficult for them to achieve harmony during the period they want. When they get this harmony, they have a very exciting and passionate relationship. When love between them becomes love, they can be a very happy couple if they can make good use of it. These two horoscopes do not lose easily when they are in harmony and happiness. Marriage decree can have a hand under it.