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21 Jun - 22 Jul
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24 Aug - 23 Sep

It is very simple to communicate with the Virgo. Virgo always behaves close to people and can easily tell you loved ones. You can easily fall in love with them because they don't always have a lot of people standing on the shore together in the corner. but they're shy at the heads, and they don't tell you I love you, because Virgo are the part that always falls in love with you. Even though your friend is jealous because you're jealous of him because he doesn't want you shareyou. Some reviewers tell you that you're shy. You expect him to teach you your kt.

If you want to be emotionally like yourself, you prefer to cry even in the smallest film frame. This is very wrong, Virgo will surprise you with passionate emotions. In particular, you will see an emotional and emotional and enthusiastic aspect of you. Rutin is very good at work, it is practical and organized. You actually do what you can to make you feel you love him. you agree well. Virgo is human, practical, organized, organized, and you are in search of security like you.

Basak is a constant, not even rude when angry. It's expensive, never wasteful, and it works very hard. Moral values ​​are important, always direct, does not like the deception will remain true to you, but you want to holiday very much, but a little stingy because you always look for the most suitable places.

Cancer : Woman / Virgo : Man

The Virgo man likes to criticize something that he sees. The Cancer woman doesn't like to be criticized. Although the two signs are sparing money, it is very difficult for the Cancer woman and another man to agree. It will be bad for both of these two signs to establish a relationship that will be in constant friction even in friendship relationships. Because when they start a relationship, they will have a very controversial and stormy relationship. This will cause two signs of wear. Therefore, it is very difficult for these two signs to be in harmony and happy.

Cancer : Man / Virgo : Woman

When the Cancer man and the woman of the Virgo establish a relationship, there will always be a shyness. Because of this situation will prevent them to live a fun and passionate love. This will cause their relations to become monotonous and distant from each other. But if they try to overcome some of the problems they see in themselves and hold on to each other, they can start to have a long-term relationship. Besides, if they empathize with the other person, they can catch happiness and harmony between them. However, they need to make some effort for their relationship.