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21 Jun - 22 Jul
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If there is another person who can understand a Cancer very well, it is another Cancer. Both are emotional and romantic because they are people of the same water group. In addition, the Cancer is among the most self-sacrificing signs. We have no doubt that they both will make sacrifices in this relationship. In this way, they will have a very level and beautiful relationship.

Cancer and Cancer horoscope harmony takes 8 out of 10 of us. If one of them becomes a little dominant character, then we can give this relationship to 9. The relationship between Cancer and Cancer will sometimes involve very emotional scenes. If they understand each other and enjoy romanticism, they will be a very good couple in bed.

The sensation in this relationship will make the ceiling. We can say that there will definitely be a romantic relationship for Cancer and Cancer. When two Cancer come together, there will be a romantic love affair. Both sides are emotional, romantic people, so you can see this duo consistently hand in hand, knee string. So sometimes you can see them watching the movies on the head for 3-4 days, eating together, sitting together and chatting. Surprisingly, they will both enjoy this.

When two Cancer come together, we can say that there will be a good marriage. Both are people connected to their families and loved ones. Their loyalty is not easily spoiled and they do not deceive easily in bilateral relations. In this case, even if this relationship will end, it will not end with the problem of loyalty. This relationship is likely to be a long-term relationship. But we recommend that they be open to innovations and move away from monotony. From time to time, they can discuss with each other when there is nothing left to tell each other. In this case, we recommend not to break each other. Because both sides are fragile, it may not be easy to repair.

Cancer : Woman / Cancer : Man

The Cancer woman and the Cancer man bear almost the same characteristics. The thought structure of these two signs and their perspective on life are the same. For this reason, there is no reason for them to be unhappy and unable to adapt. But the only problem in their relationship is that they cannot have a very passionate relationship. This is because they have the same characteristics. However, when they are dear or married, they may have a long relationship. As friends, these two signs are quite well understood. In fact, these two signs complement each other except for some subjects.