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21 May - 20 Jun
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Harvest time is one of the most industrious two signs of the zodiacal world together with the son of the horoscope world. Very good deals with Gemini are a bit difficult, because for Gemini to rise in business life, ambition is not that important. But that doesn't mean they can't have a good time together or have a good relationship. Gemini and Virgo duo's life and life expectancy are different. In this case, they can neglect each other by taking time for different things while having a relationship.

At this point, the relationship may be a little difficult. But the Virgo is as loyal as he is hardworking. His faithfulness would make it inevitable for the Gemini to trust him. What keeps them in front of each other is quite important. If they can keep one of their priorities in life, then there is hope for this relationship.

Gemini likes to travel and socialize. In this case, the head of the house to spend more time, Gemini may be uncomfortable sign. In this case, they need to make a good plan. From time to time to socialize and spend time at home from time to time, or both may not like. This relationship will either happen or not. In order to have a long lasting relationship, there must be a strong bond between them and both must make sacrifices for this relationship. Otherwise the Gemini may escape at the beginning of the relationship. The Virgo may be boring. In this relationship, the business is falling.

Gemini : Woman / Virgo : Man

This relationship will be very passionate if the Gemini woman and the Virgo man begin to have a relationship. It is highly unlikely that the relations of these two signs will be very exciting. They are complementary to each other. But to say that this harmony is actually only true when they are dear. If they make these two horoscope relationships more serious, then they start to experience problems. That's why these two signs are better. Then they can have a really smooth relationship.

Gemini : Man / Virgo: Woman

Relations between the Gemini man and the woman of the Virgo will be very difficult. We said that I call the Gemini and they have a structure that likes to dominate. The Virgo woman, however, can never come to rest and is very fond of her freedom. That is why these two signs are very difficult to achieve harmony. Make sure they are very well-received bushings as heads, but this is never the case in marriage processes. After the marriage decision, these two signs will not be a life without marriage.