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Considering that the two opposing poles attract each other, we can say the same for the Taurus and the Gemini. The Taurus is a more stable, more stable, and more stubborn and ego-like sign. Gemini is a more lively and entertaining horoscope that is not too high for its ego. If both can keep up with each other, then there is hope for the Taurus and the Gemini. The duo of Taurus and Gemini must keep up with each other at this point. One is evcimen and the other is a very social bastion. If they can agree on this point, it can turn into a fun relationship.

The Gemini, who are a ready answer and a clever horoscope, succeed in influencing the Taurus sign with its intellectuality. The intelligence and knowledge of the Taurus sign will be the point that attracts the Gemini. Their lifestyle is somewhat different, depending on how much they are influenced by each other. The Taurus, which is a thoughtful, relevant and cautious horoscope, is also very cautious and can think 10 times before doing something. Gemini also sometimes do what the head does. This is one of the key points in the relationship.

When the Gemini gets tired of being with someone who is like him, he can find happiness and a real relationship in the Taurus clan. But still, the Taurus sign must also be careful. There will be times when the egosu will have to sacrifice in this relationship.

Taurus : Woman / Gemini : Man

Taurus woman has a rather authoritarian structure compared to her calm structure. Gemini men have a structure that can produce solutions to problems quickly. However, the Gemini male child's constant childish attitude and waiting for excessive interest can squeeze the Taurus woman. Therefore, there may be problems between them. Although these two signs have common features, they have many different aspects, so these two signs cannot be easily understood in their relations and friendships. Taurus sign women and Gemini men can have a relationship between the two sides can wear out.

Taurus : Man / Gemini : Woman

Taurus man and Gemini have two opposing characters. Therefore, they cannot easily agree on friendship and love affairs. It is very difficult for the Taurus men and Gemini women to have a fit. They may be in love with each other because of their attraction, but in the following days, many problems may arise due to their contrast. If they try to overcome these problems can overcome, but this will wear them down a lot. Taurus man has a very stubborn structure. Gemini women have a very cheerful structure. This may cause the couple to have a hard time.