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21 May - 20 Jun
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The boy, who is a traditional and complete business colic, will have a difficult relationship with the hovars and the flirtatious Gemini. If this pair succeeds in understanding each other, they can live together in a very passionate love. They both know what they want in love and in bed. Gemini and Capricorn, which are quite sexually compatible, can also have fun in their love lives with their performances in bed. The very social Gemini think that the boy has spent too much time on his work. Capricorn finds his curiosity a little bit too. In this case, their relationship will be challenging. With a little understanding all these problems are solved. Gemini, at first sight will be affected by the cool image of the boy, and then he will do his best to get it.

Gemini : Woman / Capricorn : Man

The relationship between the Gemini woman and the Capricorn man is quite interesting and unusual. In fact, the biggest problem in their relationship is that the Capricorn men cannot keep up with the Gemini women's moving and energetic life. If they catch this harmony, they don't have a lot of problems between them. However, because the Gemini need mobility according to the structure of the woman, it is separated from the Capricorn man. Therefore, the relationship between them does not last long.

Gemini : Man / Capricorn : Woman

The Gemini man and the Capricorn woman must have a passionate love between them for long-term coexistence and harmony. If Gemini male and female want to be together, they should give up some of their characteristics and avoid flying behavior. If not, their relationship begins to be quite stormy. This will cause things to be short-lived. The practical intelligence of Capricorn does not appear much in the relationship with the Gemini man. It is very difficult to have a long-term relationship between the two.