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21 Jan - 18 Feb
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Leo can dominate everyone, but when it comes to a Aquarius, things won't be as easy as they think. It wouldn't be easy for the Leo to temper the Aquarius, which is very happy to be free and happy to be single. However, the care of the Leo and the passion and passion for luxury can turn the head of the hive. Especially Leo women, nice dressing, nice smell and nice talk is very important. This will increase enough to attract the attention of the Aquarius man. In addition, the Leo passion and incredible performance in the bed also makes them indispensable in the eyes of the Aquarius. You can think of a Aquarius, but the marriage with the person who is sure. The idea of ​​marrying the Leo, who is loyal to his house, will not be irrational in a Aquarius.

Both the sign of the Leo and the Aquarius egos are very developed. The most important thing we can say for the union of Leo and Aquarius is that this relationship will be perfect or it will end before it starts. We know that Leo is taking care of his excess. Its external appearance affects almost every sign. Leo loves to live luxury. You can see that they spend half their salary on expensive restaurants and luxury clothes. In this case, the Aquarius is affected from it at first glance. If the relationship is serious, its unnecessary costs may be uncomfortable to Aquarius. Because the Aquarius can sometimes be stingy.

Leo lives at the ends of his feelings. Aquarius is at least as extreme as human. They are both fond of liberty and never come to restraint. Even though Leo and Leo the Aquarius is not very difficult at this point, both sides can be very surprising. The Aquarius woman does not like to be under pressure in many relationships. Then he can escape from Leo. At this point, he will test the love of the Leo. If the coexistence of these two independent characters can overcome the challenges that are difficult to overcome, the relationship will also be in time.

Leo : Woman / Aquarius : Man

It would be a very wrong decision for a Leo and Aquarius men to have an affair. Because these two bushes can't make easy to scab. The Leo woman pushes her to have an overly emotional nature. If they decide to start a relationship over time, this relationship will be a very tiring and bad moment for them. Even if the female of the Leo and the Aquarius man are in love with each other, this result will not change because problems become more and more common when they get to know each other over time. Therefore, these two horoscopes have to think thoroughly before making a relationship decision.

Leo : Man / Aquarius : Woman

When the Leo man and the Aquarius woman in the meet for the first time, they can start a short-term relationship. However, if this relationship is not short-lived and they try to prolong it, it will be very destructive in both sides. For example, the Leo man likes to manage the Aquarius of the woman puts his head on the head will cause a lot of problems for the binary. Especially when the Leo man and the Aquarius woman decide to marry, they will live an unhappy life in two. Therefore, these two horoscopes must think thoroughly before long-term coexistence.