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22 Dec - 20 Jan
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Although they are both emotional horoscopes, it is very difficult to show the emotionality of children. While everyone is talking about how cold and secretive he is, his inner blood may cry, but he does not want to show it to anyone. Only those people whom they trust and love can see this aspect of the Capricorn. Romantic words are not credible for kid, boyish is guaranteed. A Cancer that makes her feel like you can be the happiest person in the world. A boy who is one of the most loyal signs, he will do his utmost to please someone when he likes one. However, since the boy is too outspoken, he may occasionally break the Cancer, which is too emotional with his words. It's not going to be that difficult if it's his heart. The Cancer and Capricorn harmony takes 7 out of 10 of us. If there is a real love in the middle, this relationship deserves 9 points.

In the union of the Cancer and the Capricorn, the side governing the relationship will be Capricorn. Since it is usually a Cancer moving with emotions, Capricorn may need to seize the situation. Capricorn is also emotional, but it is also very skillful in using its logic where necessary. Capricorn is tied to his house and loyal. In this case, the Cancer will trust him with ease. But still, there is also a great energy in Capricorn. Since he uses this energy to work in general, when he comes home in the evening he will want to stretch his feet and relax. But they have to spend plenty of time outside. At this point, the Cancer must keep pace with Capricorn.

Because Cancer is extremely emotional and fragile, Capricorn from time to time can break his heart. Capricorn, especially when angry, does not see the person opposite to him and can say with instant nerve. In this case, the heart of the Cancer will be broken. And if he fixes his heart, it's capricorn again.

Cancer : Woman / Capricorn : Man

The woman of Cancer and the Capricorn are very opposite characters. Capricorn's money-loving and wanting to work consistently will cause the Cancer woman to keep some of her desires. So when they start this bilateral relationship, they will have a very stormy and monotonous relationship. Even after they fall in love, they lose this love. It would be a more logical choice for them to remain friends. Because it is very difficult for them to find happiness when they are dear and not married.

Cancer : Man / Capricorn: Woman

Cancer male has an emotional structure. The Capricorn woman always puts a wall against the outside, so this issue will cause quite big problems with the Cancer male. It is impossible for them to catch the harmony. The Capricorn woman always wants a man in his relationship. But sometimes the Cancer male cannot afford it. These two bushes have very similar characteristics. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the two will have a long-term relationship and marry.