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23 Nov - 21 Dec
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It is difficult to say very heartwarming things for this duo. Sagittarius, a very intelligent and analytical person, will be bored next to the emotional and touchy Cancer. Cancer, who has deep feelings, may have trouble understanding the spring sign because, according to them, they do not hit the spring sign and can be irresponsible. Sagittarius is quite fond of social life, he does not want to enter the house. The Cancer sign is just the opposite. For a Cancer sign to leave the house, it must be a very special night or an invitation. Sagittarius does not need reason to go out. Cancer or Sagittarius is worth giving this relationship 5 out of 10 if either of them can keep up with his partner, but still a Sagittarius who is influenced by the deep feelings and romanticism of the Cancer can be at least as romantic, then this may be the future of this relationship.

Cancer and Sagittarius are two signs living in very different worlds. This couple, who have different expectations from life and have different perspectives, can also get together surprisingly well. Cancer loves his home and is very attached to his home. He does not want to be hurt and does not want the people around him to be hurt. But it should be comfortable as it has a spring sign opposite. Because a spring sign can be quite optimistic and understanding. Works because they love. His reliability will begin to have strong feelings for him, as it will immediately affect the Cancer sign.

In this relationship, we can think that the duo will complement each other, as the Cancer sign will use their logic and the Cancer sign will use their emotions. The coexistence of a philosopher, a zodiac sign and a teacher, a Cancer sign, are sometimes in their hands, even though they may be difficult to understand from time to time in daily life. The Cancer and Sagittarius duo have a good shot in bed. Sagittarius can be very happy in bed with this emotional Cancer sign. They can reach the heights of dual romance.

Zodiac Sign Cancer: Female / Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: Male

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man are very different and completely opposite each other. Therefore, when they start a relationship, they start to experience incompatibility problems after a while. Sagittarius man always has an extroverted structure. This event may be a little bad for the Cancer woman because it is a very opposite feature. Expecting harmony and happiness would be wrong when a relationship starts between them. Because after a while these two signs will start to wear out each other. Thus, they cannot have a long-term relationship.

Zodiac Sign Cancer: Male / Zodiac Sign Sagittarius: Female

When the Cancer man and Sagittarius woman establish a relationship, they may find it difficult to find the harmony between them. Although they do not have many problems during their friendship period, the problems will always be in the foreground shortly after they start the relationship. This will cause them to lose love between them and diverge from each other. Cancer male has an over-ownership structure. Sagittarius woman can never come to this because she is very fond of her freedom. This is the biggest cause of problems between these two signs. Therefore, it is very difficult for them to have a long-term relationship. Therefore, it would be a logical choice to remain friends.