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Horoscope & Astrology
15 November 2019

Daily Virgo Reviews

You hate yourself because you're blushing and sweating. After a long loneliness, your first meeting with someone you were very interested in was a complete failure. Today you are in search of her and in need of some explanation.

The Üsküdar field passes the horse, the selfish one who works with the logic breaks your nerves. The efforts to show yourself, to come to the fore, are disgusting to you. Your attempt to talk to him / her today will be considered unnecessary by a colleague.

Money is very important to you. You're maintaining your relationship with her for fear of staying without her. And this makes you a little bit confident. You have installed expectations from your real estate sales outside the city.

The tension of life affects your health. Some of the symptoms are small, but you should take them seriously.

Weekly Virgo Reviews

Overview This week, you are faced with the energies you will come across in common with your family friends. The most important issue to be aware of this week, you should not be too much attention to the people you know new people can be misunderstood and you can hear things you do not deserve.

You should stop and think about why this person is approaching me and you should not give more importance to yourself than anyone you know. This week you may experience events outside your control in business life. Keep up with the flow and see the growth of change taking place without opposition.

If you're looking for work you can find a promotion or hike this week you can expect. In your private life, Virgo toplantıs may find love in a seminar or meeting where you are due to work or study. Know the value of these special days, where you will enjoy your life with health as a result of the pressure on you. If you stay away from inaccessions this week, you will be able to find peace.

Monthly Virgo Reviews

What does Seven not do? In this period of ownership of everyone in your life while providing you convenience, you will feel very lucky. When you feel the pleasure of being a loved, wanted person from November 4th, your awareness will increase. From November 5 onwards, the ruler's planet will switch to a variable fire sign. If you have problems with your lover in this period you will be able to create more time to understand each other. Keep in mind; November likes you.

You went through a compelling eclipse axis. The calm of autumn was thus guided by his hard work. Last month, you've had time to wrap your head around, you've seen and experienced what you could have left to do in life. Of course, you will continue for your goals and goals this month. But the fact that you need some road separations, this time will not choke you deeply. Even saying goodbye with autumn will never come to you hard! I'm sure it's a new era for you. From this month on, you're gonna start putting a whole year in your head. Believe in the healing power of love, you will succeed in accepting the loved ones with deficiencies. The way you look at the events that will meet your expectations, will push you to make the right moves.

You can get close to a person you've been friends with for a long time and don't feel emotionally. Mercury and Venus planet transitions between 6 and 7 November support you in this regard. You'll realize how well you deal with the other person and spend fun times together. Love may come out of places you've never expected this month. If you have to come across a street or not, it is like being at the right time. You can get closer with the person you're together with, you'il have more sharing of life. If you do, you're going to eliminate the small problems between you, you can have great days in your love life.

You are at the beginning of a new relationship; The fun and attractive directions will give the opposite side joy. Nobody can claim that such a relationship will be short-term in this cycle. Speaking of ready entertainment; You will take the steps of the most brilliant period of social life together with New Moon on November 18th. Parents who say that the baby is on their way can learn the sex of their children in November and they can be very happy.

November's agenda: Your pleasure will be in place!

Love Talisman: You're starting a fun story.

Sex: It will develop outside of your plans.