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Horoscope & Astrology
15 November 2019

Daily Gemini Reviews

You knew you didn't have a very secure relationship. But you didn't expect that much of him. Now you think you can't have a new relationship for a long time. But you have a surprise today.

You have a little risk. You look shy of not developing it. An old colleague of yours didn't give you approval even though you had all your optimism. You have to be careful.

Because you are very frugal, you are very uneasy about your own expenses. You are suffering from a heavy payment tomorrow. You are considering banning the use of credit cards in the family.

Someone who cares about you is not good. You must be vigilant against more intimate attempts.

Weekly Gemini Reviews

Overview, this week by choosing your words on every subject should not act without saying what you think. Otherwise, you can experience the difficulties of not being able to express yourself correctly. In your business life new opportunities may encounter new opportunities this week. In financial matters you can collect your receivables and exceed the financial difficulty you experience. You can also do additional jobs that will provide cash flow in the long run. In your private life, surprises can be experienced and love can come to life in your heart.

If you make your choices wisely, this week will continue for a long time. This week you are faced with the energies you can overcome difficulties. Be determined and leave your fears behind and act to fulfill your wishes. Married Gemini should try to understand your spouse instead of discussing financial issues and you should support her where she feels weak.

Monthly Gemini Reviews

Welcome to November, where you'll feel your breathing and breathing! In this month, you will see the support of Mercury moving in a relationship house. Especially when you leave everyone behind on your day's journeys, you have the opportunity to make money from your hobbies. After November 18, you can make innovations about diet and personal care, and push the limits on shopping.

Mercury and the planet of love, the ruler of Venus, will be very active in relations this week. You've been disappointed in all the situations or relationships that you think is dead. The sky under fire and water will also guide the relations. It won't force anything that wasn't in November, and you're going to go away without looking back.

During this period of communication, you have the ability to confront the issues that require persuasion and dialogue. When you have a relaxed spirit ready, you will begin to give romantic messages around. You can have sympathy that makes you and your partner happy. If you say I am not complaining about my relationship; Starting from the first week of November, this process continues until the last period, you can keep your hearts prosperity.

On November 6, Mercury, as you move into the sign of your zodiac, may open the door of your pending work. You can start a second interview for a job you've been wanting for a while. Leaving the budget for the project in September will be one of the positive developments. You can stay in a dilemma about giving alternatives to chance. On November 4, you will be able to manage your material concerns while the Full Moon takes place in the sign of the Earth.

You can be the boss of your own business with the family. You can take a share of the sale of a property or land that has not been sold for a long time. Suddenly and surprisingly, this agenda will be the beginning of good days for you. You can review your overseas plans or evaluate a friend's partnership offer.

November's agenda: You will create time for yourself.

Love Talisman: You will take you out of your life.

Sex: It will find meaning with the warmth of love.