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Horoscope & Astrology
24 May 2019

Daily Taurus Reviews

You have so much in common. Right now, you share almost everything. Almost all conditions are ready for you to open each other, you need to discourage your discouragement and make a move.

You don't want to miss an important job because of the whims of others. You're going to work all day to reestablish this relationship. One of your colleagues is closely related to you. You can look closer to this convergence.

You'll have a few you're looking at. You may be surprised by this soon. You're going to have a little bit of a discussion about the money in the coming days.

One of your family members should be more mature, more moderate and understanding. Your conflict with him won't work.

Weekly Taurus Reviews

The sky surrounds you with its positive energy throughout the week. You will be more confident in your work and private life by keeping exhausting energies behind you and you will be faced with the possibilities to master your skills. Especially in your business life, you will experience opportunities that will make your existing conditions much better and experience the easiness of the people and events that have forced you through a long time.

Trust your talents and advance. Your goal is to get away from the stars as you approach. You're a powerful week where you'll love to renew your self, and celebrate with love.

In your personal life, good news from your wife or partner can make your relationship even more exciting and enjoyable. A romantic process where love will increase with love will meet you. Single Taurusyou may experience love confessions that you do not expect.

Monthly Taurus Reviews

May is very important to you! Welcome to the most ambitious and extraordinary month of the year. Words are not enough to tell you how important this year is for you ... The fact that Uranus moves in its sign is beginning to show its effects. Uranus, which has begun to communicate with Arion's Constellation, is also in a period when it will support its sign. There's a torpedo in the sky now. Bilateral relations, technology themes, remote news are shaping May.

This month, everything starts again for you. From the moment we entered this year, you have lived full of chaos, and you actually realized how much you changed when you looked back. Now is the time to rest for you! On the same day, the planet will be on the sign of Uranus and will start the beginning of a long-term adventure. A new 7-year cycle starts now for you and influences many different areas of your life. If you say what will happen, the first thing you will not feel too fast Uranus, resting for a while will be almost ready for a new marathon. This month the vast majority of planets will be positioned in the sign of the sign. As a Taurus, tired of trying to keep everything under control, he'll sprinkle water this month, yes. But he will ask this question again. Can you keep your wisdom while your mind and heart are divided into several pieces?

It is taking place in May in New Moon. You must be open to miracles since May 15th. You'll have a chance to get together as you engage in heart relationships. You're gonna wrap your past wounds one by one. If you are a male Taurus born from 1970 to 1984, it is time to break the chains if you are working in the same field and sector for a long time! You can experience innovations such as status jump, department, city or country change. If your partner is a Taurus these issues are of interest to him. This change can mean a new adventure for small families without children.

Married and especially born between 1970-1984, if you're a Taurus, this month you will be surprised to be a parent. Maybe this news that you've been waiting for a long time will turn into a big celebration and refresh your love. If you were born a new marriage decision and you were born between 1984-1989, you may want to consider the relationship in itself. Thinking that such an important decision will affect your entire life will make you relate and act more collectively on your behalf.

If you are a Taurus with a chronic condition, the variable air of the spring may relapse some diseases.

The agenda of May: You are being renewed.

Love Talisman: You're surprised by miracles.