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24 Oct - 22 Nov
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24 Oct - 22 Nov

The relations of the same people have always been remarkable. It is highly probable that scorpio pairs, both passionate and passionate, will have a long-lasting relationship. Sexuality is one of the indispensables in the relationship for Scorpio. Because of the same characteristics, the Scorpio and Scorpio marriages are the right choice. This duo may not leave the bed as the day comes. In love, both look for passion. This relationship will not be much of a problem because it will be found in the opposite. The most important thing that the two should pay attention to is the stinging of both. Scorpio never forgets what's done to you. If one of them makes a big mistake, this relationship can be in irreversible ways.

This relationship, with whom there is no obvious, seems quite dangerous. Although Scorpio is a passionate and emotional person who lives with his emotions, he never forgets a mistake made to him, and he doesn't want to take revenge. If you think that both sides have the same character, you can think of what happens if someone does something wrong. Both are sexy, both are remarkable, and when they enter in pairs, you can be sure that all the looks will be on them.

Scorpio uses the logic and intuition very well. Both sides will support each other in this relationship. But it is obvious that they will give each other a battle of superiority. Of course, this war can bring them great success. This love will be quite hot and sexy. Looks like the fire in the two Scorpio relationships will never go out. But jealousy could be trouble for either of them. At this point, they should be careful. Scorpio is not easy to fall in love with someone. If they find love in love, they can be happy forever.

Scorpio : Man / Scorpio : Woman

The relationship of couples belonging to the same place is usually passionate. The passion in Scorpio is the highest in both men and women. This pair, which is always honest with each other, is one of the signs that will lead to the marriage, unless they lie. The absence for sexual life scorpio is an unthinkable phenomenon, and it is enough to bring two Scorpio together for a heated relationship. They took the rule to enjoy life and enjoy life in social life. Spending time together provides therapy benefit for this relationship.